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How can I overclock a celeron 400 in a Shuttle AE22 motherboard??? I can't do it... what is the optimal overclock speed if i haven't got any extra cooler??? I tried to overclock in BIOS, but I can't make the processor faster then 420 MHz... from BIOS menu... it doesn't allow.
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  1. You could try permanently converting it to 600 by breaking off a pin but it probably wouldn't work anymore. And that would depend on your chipset also.

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  2. I seem to remember people covering one of the pins with nail varnish to prevent it making contact - a bit less drastic than cutting one off!!, but I couldnt tell you which one it is.

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  3. Read the post on it, the two bus speed pins are BSEL0 and BSEL1

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  4. cover a pin... change multiplier...

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