Will my PC run BF3?

Just wanted to know if my PC will run BF3, all responces are greatly appreciated!

AsrockP45DE Motherboard
Core 2 Quad 2.66Ghz CPU
Arctic cooling Freezer 7 PRO Cooler for processor
GTX260 black edition Graphics Card + Graphics cooler
Windows Vista 64-bit

Thanks for the help guys :D
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  1. Yeah it will
    You got higher than recommended
    but gtx 260 may some graphic setting will be on low
  2. change the graphics card and yes.

    I run BF3 on a Core2 Quad Q6600 (2.4ghz), 4GB of RAM & a GF 550Ti at 1680x?? (max my monitor supports) and i get around 50-60 FPS with everything on Medium to high and AA turned off.
  3. yes it will run it fine on low settings. you will be able to run with high textures but the rest of the settings will be better if you keep em at low...
  4. Ok thankyou very much :D, im planning on getting a new card in the $150 range, any recommendations?
  5. Sure it would
    My friend played it on his 8400gs .
  6. yup, it will work fine.
  7. like a charm:)
  8. yea it will work but you have focus on settings
  9. 8400 you fukin kidding me
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