Crashing during games and movies..?

Okay, here's the deal, I've been playing on my PC for almost 2 years now, and now it's started to work against me - CRASHING.
I've looked into my temperature, it looks just fine:

This is just after my latest crash, diablo III, if anyone was wondering. But I also crash after playing games like Skyrim, Team Fortress 2 and Starcraft 2.
I've updated my drivers fully, i've set up my fan speed on my graphics card, it reachers 80 degrees Celcius without crashing, but still I never read above 60 degrees (on my graphic card) when I play games (when I check it).

Okay, so here are my PC specs:
Intel Core i7 CPU - 920 2.66 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
1 TB Hard drive

Further specifications, if needed, are here:,28/#details (though my PC has a 250 GeForce instead of 150.)

The crashes occur not by shutting down my PC, but simply freezing the screen and making me unable to move ingame, or move my mouse w/e. I can hear the sounds in game, and on skype, but nothing else. What to do, clean up my PC even more than I already did, or upgrade my hardware, install new software or format my PC?

(Sorry for the type'o's, i'm Danish, but I'd really like some help from this well-known forum. Ty!)

Ps. If this is duo to a hardware problem, I'd like to replace some of my hardware, but as far as I can see, the hard drive and graphic cards are the weak spots of my PC, so should I replace my hard drive with an SSD and my graphic cards with a high-end card, or simply buy a new PC?

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  1. Hard to know for sure what the problem is, but in my experience (considerable) instability like that tends to be down to hardware rather than software. From the symptoms you describe, It's more likely to be the graphics card than anything else, if possible try a different card and see if the symptoms change.

    This will 100% NOT be a problem with the disk, although, SSDs are way cool, and if you've got the money, buy one, but it won't fix the instability...
  2. Okay, thanks for the response. The only weird thing is - my computer doesn't crash, it simply freezes. But as you mentioned, the graphics are the only thing that freezes, so it seems like the graphic card is the problem. I will try it. Thanks a load!
  3. your GPU is overheating (notice the 94C reading on TMPIN0)

    This is also why I don't use hwmonitor because it does *** job on identifying what each diode is monitoring
  4. Might be power supply to Graphics Card.
  5. AntiZig said:
    your GPU is overheating (notice the 94C reading on TMPIN0)

    This is also why I don't use hwmonitor because it does *** job on identifying what each diode is monitoring

    I read on another post, that this is just inaccurate reading from HwMonitor, that this isn't actually a temperature that's measured in my PC, else it would be crashing in an instant (at 110 degrees celcius).

    But if I shouldn't use HwMonitor, what should I use - Rivetuner?
  6. DW-UK said:
    Might be power supply to Graphics Card.

    Well, my powersupply is 750W, I don't think this should be a problem.. ?
    - This is the most I'm referring to, that TMPIN0 is simply a "made up" temperature..?
  8. try hwinfo and see what it comes up with
  9. Ive had the same problem but my whole computer would freeze and I would have to restart. But I found the problem and it was a bad stick of RAM and RMA'd it. You said your whole computer doesnt freeze its just your game so maybe its not the same problem but I would still look into it being a RAM problem.
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