Cant get the FSB to 133/33 Abit KT7A Duron 750

Ok you guys I really need to pick your brains. I am having problems setting my FSB from 100/33 MHz to 133/33 mhz. actually so far it has been impossible. The only way I can increase my front side bus is to us the add portion of the bios.

I am running an Abit KT7A
Duron 750(unlocked)
256MB Mushkin performance Ram Rev3=
Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 32MB ddr
Windows ME

I have tried everything. I thought it was the memory so I bought the best Mushkin had. Its guaranteed 150mhz at CAS 2

I have changed my multiplier down all the way to 5 and then put the FSB at 133/33 and it never posts.

The highest I can get it is to set the multiplier at 7.5 fsb 100/33 and then add 19 to it. That gives me 894 (7.5X119) anytime I set my multiplier higher it just defaults to 7.5. I can change all my voltages. I am running core v @ 1.75 and I/O voltage at 3.5

I am running the volcano II that has been lapped to a mirror and am using Artic Silver II
Cpu temp is 31C.

I may be going about this the wrong way but I was hoping someone out there could step me through this.

Thanks in advance Tony Ey
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  1. Well, bad news!

    I've got a Duron 750 too. And got the same problem. When I take the J17 off, nothing happens, the machine doesn't boot.

    Actually, if your motherboard does support 133Mhz frequency, your CPU does not!!!

    Don't look any further, the Duron supports up to 110Mhz only!
    And flashing the Bios won't do it anything about it... :-(
  2. kermit is right there
    durons are only 100mhz fsb iv'e read reports of up to 117 on some cpus
    best you can do is set memory to 133 & crank up the multiplyer(should get about 900/950) i belive
  3. Thats pretty strange. I have a Duron 850 & ASUS A7V133 M/B, and was wondering why 133FSB doesnt work.
    I can do 115 FSB no problem. The M/B wll post at 133 FSB, but will crash when I try and run 3DMark 2001.
    I have tried 7x 133, 931Mhz but it will freeze a few mins after getting into Windows. The system is currently running 10X 100 fine at default voltage.
  4. <font color=blue>I am pretty sure that all durons (or morons as Crashman refers to them) are 100fsb rated. I tried to verify this at <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>AMD's website techsheet</A><font color=blue> but I didn't find it.

    Anyway - I had a 750 Duron and never could get it to run stable above 114. I ended up running it @10.5x104 (~1.1) stable with voltage @ 1.85 V* & I/O @ 3.5 V. To the best of my recollection I couldn't get it to run stable above 9x with FSB at 114. I gathered that the proc didn't mind being pushed on the multiplier near as much as it did on the fsb. I now run a 1.2 AXIA 9 @ 10.5x138(1.45). So I don't believe it had anything to do with my system that the duron wouldn't post @ 133, or anything over 114 for that matter.

    *Voltage was set in bios at 1.85, but <i>Sisoft Sandra CPU Information</i> and <i>Motherboard Monitor 5</i> read CPU voltage at 1.93V.

    :cool: <i><font color=blue>on company time....</i>
  5. There have been some message posted about Duron's sucessfully running at 133 mhz so it is possible but that's at 133mhz. At 114mhz there are different problems. When your FSB is at 114mhz you AGP is running at 76mhz, your PCI bus is at 38 mhz, if you have an ISA slot it's running at 9.5mhz, and if you are using the DRAM Hstclk+PCIclk option then your memory is running at 152mhz. At 133mhz your motherboard corrects everything and all buses are at defaults speeds. AGP is at 66mhz, PCI bus is at 33mhz, ISA is at 8mhz and your DRAM is at 133mhz (at this speed the Hstclk+PCIclk option is no longer available). As you can see at 114mhz FSB everything is overclocked! At 133mhz only the Duron would be overclocked. Maybe not all Durons can be overclocked this way, maybe very view (I don't know), but at 133 mhz only the Duron is stressed.
  6. <font color=blue>In general - yes, you are correct of course. I am not the kind of guy who wants to put my entire comp through that kind of oc torture - so I, using Soft Menu II through my Abit Bios, was only oc the proc fsb that much. With that max setting, I was only oc the whole front side bus 3 to 103, and bumping just the fsb to the proc another 11. I have read that that "exclusively oc the proc fsb" deal does not in fact work all that well, and I guess my results would concur.

    Now as a matter of policy, while testing all oc settings and trying to detemine proc stability, I had everything (pci cards) out and was using a generic pci v card. I did try 133, and 98 never loaded (I think - can't remember for sure - just know I could get it to work), and NT crashed while loading. After lots and lots and lots of tweaking, I came down to the fore mentioned settings b/c I am not interested in my computer hanging, ever, and it never crashed with the FSB @ 103+1.

    I am curious what the Serial #'s are on a Durie that runs 133...

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  7. Sorry, I don't have one myself. When the Abit KT7A-RAID mobos first came out one of the posters here benched a Duron at 133mhz for me. I wanted to know if it was worth upgrading from my KT7 to a KT7A keeping my Duron. The small gains weren't worth the expense (at least not for me).

    The poster's username is KN7671 but I don't think he is still around. His last post seems to be in March.

    Here is a link to the results of his overclocking

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  8. <font color=blue>phsstpok, thanks for the great thread link... very nice of you. Well, now you have got me thinking that I did something wrong. It was my first time oc'ing a proc when I got the Duron system and although I tried to be methodical but I am now wondering if it would run at 133 myself, seeing as KN7671 had the exact same board.

    For the time being, I retract the claim that Durons can't go 133, but I have yet to do it. Will have to try that later.

    :cool: <i><font color=blue>on company time....</i>
  9. From what I recall the only thing you didn't do is bring the core voltage all the way up to 1.85v. That's where I have to run mine.

    I've pretty much maxed out my Duron 600 @1007mhz, 106mhz FSB on my KT7 but it's held tough for 8 months. With prices so low and needing a second system, anyway, I may give it a go at 133mhz with the Duron just to see if I can do it. I'll probably use a KT7E mobo even though it's not rated for 133mhz operation. All the reviews claim it can reach 140mhz+ but I probably should take that info with grain of salt.
  10. Hey all I run a duron 850 at 7x144 1008 and works great.

  11. C :cool: :cool: L!

    What's you system configuration?

    Do you have Sandra Memory and CPU benchmark scores? I'm curious. I run almost the same internal CPU speed at 1007 mhz but with 106mhz FSB. My memory is at 141mhz. I'm really curious!
  12. I have an MSI KT7 turbo r two 128m crucial pc133cl2 homemade cooper heatsink (pep66 style dont ask me to make one way to much work) sandra 2001se 565alu 680fpu memmory settings maxed out with wpcrset and wpcredit.

  13. That's about what I expected. I get 530 ALU and 649 FPU with Sandra 2001te. Your higher bus speed affords you about a 5%-7% advantage.

    Thanks for your help.
  14. if the duron chip has been hasnt be unlocked it wont go to 133/33. mine works fine at 133/33 multiplier at 6, 800mhz. i have a 650mhz duron. reasonable overclock, but ive not got a good fan on board. have a delta to hook up, but need a better heat sink... see how high can get it. (so to speak !) know it will go too 933 using 133fsb, but crashes using 3dmark2000. goes to 866mhz fine. know its dumb to sugguest this, but it could be reason why it dont work. should work if unlocked... ive had no probs ...
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