PIII 800EB overclocking to 900mhz

i have the VT82C693A - Apollo Pro133 Motherboard and a PIII 800EB chipset and i want to over clock it to 900mhz when i change the speed to 900mhz in the bios it just stops after the "updating ESCD success" part and just hangs there...i need to be able to raise the voltage but i don't know where i can get a jumper map for my mother board as raising the voltage isn't in the system bios for that particular motherboard if u can find a link to the jumper maps or know exactly where i can up the voltage slightly on the mother board or otherwise i will be much appreciated thanks in advance.
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  1. You can hard wire the CPU, if it's a cCO (1.70v) CPU, simply wire pin Vid1 to VSS and it will make it 1.80v. Read my post in the CPU forum titled "Yes, you can overclock on an OEM board".
    I assume your trying to run it at 150MHz FSB. Your memory might not take it. I suggest trying it at the slowest memory timings.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
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