Help..... My pc keep freezing...

My pc keep freezing when i connected to the internet. The weird thing is, no matter how i connect to the internet ( via 3G, LAN, wifi ) my PC will keep freezing the moment the connection enstablish. But!! When midnight.. my pc can connect!! I dono wat to do.. i already replace the whole system except power supply and graphic card!
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  1. When you mean replace do you literally mean replace components? Have you tried to download newer network drivers?
  2. what i mean is.. im using the whole new motherboard, cpu,ram, dll except graphic card, power supply and the main hard disk. i even replace the cables ( power cables, sata cables , dll )...

    more weird thing is, in my room, if ny fren's pc is on, then my pc cannot connect onto the network at all!! what i mean is i cannot even access the shared folders in my pc!! but i can play LAN games... so i suscpect the problems is not hardware but software..

    but i still have the same problem even if im using the new hard disk.. reformting the drive + installing back windows ( fresh ),

    my instint tells me that it is the power supply that cause this problem but when i gaming literally im pushing the power suplly doesnt it?

    sorry for the bad grammar..
  3. Yeah it does(as long as I can understand I don't care about grammer) look like the PSU could be the problem. However it could also be the network router not installed properly or simply being too old. Can you list your system specs or do so in your account details?
  4. i dont think that network router is the problems becoz my pc will freeze if try to connect to Internet by any way possible
    i have tried these way of connecting to the internet
    1 - plugging the USB 3G modem, dialing and the moment the connection is establish.. my pc freeze
    2 - shared the internet connection through the LAN using my fren'z pc, the moment my PC connected to the LAN and detected internet.. it will freeze
    3 - using USB wifi... also the same.
  5. the pc spec ( i swap these component to test )
    Intel e5200@3.6ghz <<<< >>>>>> intel 2160 @1.6ghz
    Gigabyte p35ds3l <<<<< >>>>> asus p5pkl
    4gb dual channel ddr2RAM <<<< >>>> 1gb ddr2ram
    40GB IDE main hardisk <<<< >>>> 80GB SATA hdisk
    550watt coolermaster ( no spare part to test )
    ati 4870 ( no spare part to test )
    ( have 1TB , 320GB , 160 GB , 80GB ) secondary harddisk ... unplug when testing
    casing coolermaster 590
    windows 7 home premium x64
  6. updated : reagrding the shared folders.. my syste will freeze if i open the network places and opening my frenz shared folders however will not freeze if i manage to manage the network places and access it from my computer..

    disable the integrated LAN and using PCI LAN also did not solve the problem
  7. So does it fail when some components are installed or what? I'd start with booting without the grapics card and going back to the old specs that had worked before.
  8. it always failed no matter what component i used or swap... i already used integrated gfx and it's also failed.. last night i managed to connect to the internet and i think the problem has gone but the moment i disconnect, the pc freeze.. ( im using 3g usb modem )... and if i can connect to the internet, i cannot open my network places in the same time or it will freeze and vice-versa

    this is the time that i really, really aprreciated if my system BSOD rather than freeze.... :p.. atleast i know what is wrong

    i trying to save my budget to buy a new PSU to confirm...
  9. Windows driver update and windows update is a good option before making any replacement.
  10. Just wondering do you have a friend which you could try the components on?
  11. non of my frens have the necessary psu to try with my gfx... and that's means the problems can be either of them or both....
  12. Can you put your PSU and GPU in their system and see if it'll do the trick?
  13. nop... the problem did persist... one thing i do note is the problem not happened when i did a clean install of windows... but after installing back windows update and softwares... the problem come.. arghh... i don't know it is a software or hardware issues...
  14. Weird, since the PSU is not connected to Windows in any way except for supplying power to hardware, I don't think it's a Windows problem. Try to download all the updates to Windows but leave all motherboard and motherboard related hardware (integrated graphics, integrated NIC, integrated audio, etc) just to original drivers. Then update each component one by one until you hit upon the problem.
  15. em.. the PSU is still my main target but i really hoped that isnt the case cause it is a pain to me to find money to replace as im still a student...

    download all the windows update the drivers using windows drivers except 3G modem and the problems still persist.. installing manufactures drivers ( gfx, lan , etc ) the problems still persist..

    the things i have done but failed :
    - using a completely new system ( except primary hard disk, psu and gfx )
    - change wall power socket to another socket incase of power failure
    - using another switch/hub
    - sharing internet through LAN/Wifi/Usb over Network
    - change primary hard disk ( 2nd hand only )
    - deoc'ed my proc
    - using another 3G modem

    my temporary solution
    - switching off my fren's pc
    - my fren's using the same wall socket as me

    my primary culprit
    - my PSU ( oh please no!! )
    - power adapters

    my power configurations
    - one wall socket to 3in1 power sockets
    - 1 socket go to 4 in 1 power sockets for my frens pc ( 1000kw max )
    -1 to pc
    -1 to monitor
    -1 to speaker
    -1 free may used to charge hp/laptop
    - 1 socket go to 5 in 1 power sockets for my pc ( 3000kw max )
    - 1 to pc
    - 2 to monitors
    - 1 to speaker
    - 1 to 2 in 1 power socket
    - 2 to handset chargers
    - 1 socket go to switch/hub
  16. Okay then, quick question how much are you willing to spend on a new PSU?
  17. maximum 150.. i cannot go more than that.. have to buy books...etc..
  18. That much? How about this one. I'm using the EarthWatts 650 and its way too much for what I'm currnetly using.
  19. do the power supply you recommeded is the same as i used? because i used coolermaster extreme power plus 550Watt also
  20. im curenntly looking at this psu for my next system build... is it okay or too overkill? i did not plan on using SLI or CFX yet..
  21. Overkill, you don't need 750W to power your current config, go for something new in the 500-550 W range.
  22. ok. thanx alot for your recommendation..

    updated : now the problems of freezing has become lesser and i can connect to the internet now 'normally' but now the freeze occurs when i play certain 'games' particularly dead rising 2..

    really weird...
  23. That shifts the problem from mostly PSU to GPU as a possiblity since internet browsing doesn't really sress the GPU as much as playing games does.
  24. i think that too but the freeze occur on the game ( only dead rising 2 so far ) but not with furmark, i test to push the gpu. but it is tolerable now.. at least it did not freeze when i did my assignment thankfully.
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    I'd rally recommend you try to find a test system to try out each individual component for faults, a PC freezing is not good for Windows since it performs maintanence task that it only performs during the shutdown command that keeps it running well for a long time to come.
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  27. beavermml said:
    My pc keep freezing when i connected to the internet. The weird thing is, no matter how i connect to the internet ( via 3G, LAN, wifi ) my PC will keep freezing the moment the connection enstablish. But!! When midnight.. my pc can connect!! I dono wat to do.. i already replace the whole system except power supply and graphic card!

    the network driver in your pc is having a conflict with other applications that you have in your PC. I can fix that issue for only $25. we can establish a remote access to your pc and fix it for 25 minutes. send me an email to
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