System.BadImageFormatException: ?

For two months now I have been getting this Error when I try to load in Dungeon & Dragons Online. System.BadImageFormatException: ?...

I have followed the directions from the DDO Forums to the letter and I still can not load the game. I have uninstalled and re installed the game many times and still get same error.

Can anyone help me with this? Turbine does not want to answer any one back..

I am running Windows7 64bit, Graphics Card is an ASUS-EAH4350 Silent, Processor: Pentium(R) Duel-Core E5300 @2.60GHz.
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  1. Have you tried googling your error? It appears that uninstalling/reinstalling DDO will not fix this error, as it is a Microsoft .NET framework error. I suggest running windows update and installing the latest .NET packages and updates.

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