Call of duty world at war black screen

okay today i got world at war from steam and after playing anywhere from 50 mins to 15 mins my computer fan will start to get a bit loud and my screen will go black. it will take about 2 or 5 seconds for my screen to come back. when my screen does come back the sound goes until i restart cod my specs are

graphics card: asus gt 440 1gb
windows 7 home premium
processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9850 Quad-core processor 2.50 GHz
system type: 32 bit
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  1. I play generally a lot of old games.. My experiences are few, but efficient:
    Open older games in compatibility "Windows XP service pack 3"
    Open them as administrator.
    This fixes the most problems for me, since I also play on a high-end PC.
  2. i tryed it and it didnt work but thank you for trying to help
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