Temperature readings

I've got three temperature readings on my BIOS "PC health" screen.

System Temperature 1 - 31C +/- 1C

System Temperature 2 - 48C +/- 1C (Thermal probe taped to top of mobo chipset hs.)

CPU Temperature - 38C +/- 1C

Now these temps are with the case off and CPU hsf attached (thermal paste, not pad). There is an 80mm intake blowing gently toward the graphics card from the front bottom area. The temperature of the room is about 15-20C. Kitchens are great. All those worktops and no carpet. Girlfriend is a bit pissed off though.

Question 1. Where is the first reading coming from?

Question 2. Was it wrong to attach a probe to the chipset hs?

Question 3. Why, when I changed the FSB from 133 to 145, there was no noticeable rise in temp (maybe 1C)?

512 CAS 2 133 Crucial
Radeon 64 DDR retail

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  1. For your first question this sounds like and ambient temp hard to say where it is taken from, two if you want an accurate temp of the chipset you need to have direct contact, and three the temp change should be small you are only talkin 88mhz and apperently no core voltage change.

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