Should I buy an Xbox 360 today?

I'm wondering whether I should get a 360, there are many rumours of a 720 coming out next year and I really don't wan't to buy something that will be outdated in a year again. I bought my original xbox in 2004, in 2005 the 360 came out...I keep asking myself if I really want a 7 year old game system and then I think to myself, no I don't. But I'm so bored with nothing to do and games are still coming out for xbox 360. My parents don't let me build a gaming pc as they think I will f it up and waste $1000 and they're suggesting I buy a laptop which I can use for university in 3 years..I want something below a $1000 that will give me a good gaming experience and an xbox seems like my best bet. What do you think?
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  1. get an xbox or ps3
  2. Wait and see the 720 will have backwards compatible games that includes 360 games. If not, then get a 360.

    A laptop is definitely a priority in a university setting.
  3. So if the 720 is bc, then I should buy a 360?
  4. No. If the 720 is bc, then wait for it, you will be able to play an enormous amount games.
  5. $512 will get me:

    -Xbox 360 250 gb
    -6 games:
    Prince of Persia, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bulletstorm, Bioshock 2, Kinect Adventures, and Ghost Recon: Future Soilder.
    -12 months of live
    -a headset
    -400 Microsoft points
    -chat pad

    This offer is available till the 11th, Is it a steal? I've included taxes btw.
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    Hmm, sounds good. You'd be gaming a lot, you may not concentrate on your university studies lol.
  7. Thanks for your help :D University is 3 years from now so I'm not that worried, I need something to do after I finish summer school courses. (I didn't fail, just taking grade 10 history so I can take gym).

    As soon as the release of the 720 is near, I'll sell my 360 for a reasonable amount and then save for the next system, but by that point I would be very into my studies though :O
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  9. Alright, have fun and get your gaming on. Also, study well :)
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