Best Flight Simulator Software?

Hey friends....

Can you tell me what is the best flight simulator recently?

I found that "VirtualPilot3D" Flight Simulator is the best and the most realistic one.

Is it true??

Would you mind to check the source here:

Is there any of you have used this FS?

No SPAM answer please! Thanks in advance!
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  1. I didn't find anything concrete from third party websites suggesting this is the top flight simulator that is available for the the public. However, from everything I read (from VirtualPilot3d's website) it appears to be very good.

    I just purchased Microsoft Flight Sim on Steam for free, but I am not a huge enthusiast in this genre.
  2. Try Microsoft Flight Simulator
  3. Its old, but Microsoft Flight Simulator X is still considered one of the best.

    They offer a trial, you may as well give it a try.
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