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i was very happy that my geforce 2 pro 64mb (eVGA)was coming from, till it came and had 6ns (64mb)!!!!!!!!!! (AND MY COMPUTER SAID IT WAS a GTS!!!) i was so fu**ing pissed off, arnt pros supposed to have 5ns?!!!!!!!(leadtek has 5.5 so thatd be ok also) well i tried to get it exchanged but it was a huge hassle so i just said forget it. anyway i got a blue orb and 4 ramsinks (front and backside) and im gonna do some serious overclocking :) what is the maximum i can go up to for core and ram? i checked the ram and it goes to 400mhz perfect & no lock ups, but i dont know how hot the rams are, so who can give me some advice on overclocking the geforce 2 gts?
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  1. It is basically trial and error. First rasise the memory clock up until you start getting artifacts(white pixels,missing textures,snow etc)Now raise the core clock in small increments. Allways check each setting for stability with 3Dmark ,Quake time demo etc.It takes a little time to find out optimum settings for your computer.

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  2. Yes, I keep warning people about that, they keep ignoring me. Use 3D-Mark 2000 to test it, if you see artifacts, you've gone too far. After you get the memory as fast as it will go, do the GPU.

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  3. hey, I'll agree with the others, but if you are a little crasy (and good at "playing" with eltronics), then tjek this link out:

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    Maybe that's a MX and a GTS, but what's the worst thing that can happen??? hehe...


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