What CPU Cooler Should I Get?

I just ordered a 1.4 Ghz AMD processor and an Epox MoBo. I am currently looking for a cooler. I have found conflicting articles and I know that I don't want one thats too heavy. That being said I'll take recomendations, and no noise is not a real issue for me. If you can also tell me where I can order it online I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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  1. My two top suggestions for cpu coolers are the OCZ gladiator with a delta on it, or the SK6 with a delta. The OCZ can be found at www.overclockerzstore.com and the SK6 can be found and alot of sites, including www.coolerguys.com and www.2cooltek.com. I use the OCZ one myself, but I have heard the SK6 is just as good if not a little better. If you want extreme performance, go with the swiftech m462a. It's loud and heavy, but since it mounts on the motherboard itself, weight isn't an issue really.

    That oughta void your warrenty!
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