$1500 gaming laptop for running WoW at the highest performance. Suggestions?

Hello, Hello, i am thinking of getting into WoW because i have lots of friends that are into it, therefore, i need a better laptop. the one i have now is a crappy Toshiba that cant run league of legends on its lowest settings. I have been looking at gaming laptops around about the $1500 mark but cant make my mind up on any because i dont have a expert opinion. Any suggestions would be great :)
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  1. WoW's performance is restricted by software more than hardware. Doesn't utilize modern CPU's effectively enough to maintain 60 fps in 25man groups during fights, no matter what computer you have.

    If you're looking to spend 1500 dollars on a Laptop though, I think Sager offers a lappy around that price with the 7970m which is for the time being, the best mobile card on the market.
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