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Let my girlfriends son install a heatsink on the cpu,in doing so he accidently cracked off a very small piece of one of the lugs on the socket.He got the clip on, but it barely is holding it on.I'm worried vibration will cause the clip to come off and damage the m/b and or the video card.Any suggestions how to insure it stays on without it coming off?
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  1. There are heatsinks that fasten through the holes in the motherboard, I dont cant give any more info as I've not use one myself, BUT, if it isnt 100% secure I really wouldnt use it- if it does come off, the cpu will fry and possible motherboard/cards damage from the heatsink banging it and also risk of a short as the system will still have power.
    In the past I've heard of people modifying the heatsink clip to use the other lugs on the socket.
    Hope you sort it!

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  2. You could use JB-Weld instead of heatsink paste, permanently bonding the heatsink to the CPU. Make sure the clip can clear the side of the heatsink for CPU removal.

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  3. Only 2 solutions I know of. Either buy a swiftech m462a and mount it right on the motherboard or get some artic silver thermal epoxy and glue that SOB to the chip itself. I myself would go with the first approach as the latter is a much more permanant solution. But 15 bucks vs. 80 for the swiftech is a major factor too.

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  4. There are HSF clips that actaully use all 5 lugs, like my blizzard. I think If I lost one lug...I'd probably be okay...but then again, I never broke one off and tried it.

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  5. Thanks for your posts!I'm not to savy on the ins and outs of hotsinks. I ordered a Taisol CGK760092,it was it or a orb and I picked this one.Reviews dont put in the class of a Swiftech but it will stay on.I didn't want to put out the bucks for a Swiftek,as I'm not a overclocker yet. The kid feels bad what he did so I'll give him another crack at it.I have a 1.2 Athlon with a Epox 8K7A M/B. I read posts about this mobo and I'd say 75% are happy and 25% are having problems.I'll ask another ? and ask how can you tell looking at the board which version I have 1 or 1.1
    Thanks Again
  6. Quote:
    The kid feels bad what he did so I'll give him another crack at it

    Very decent of you, many wouldnt have which would have killed his confidence.

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  7. just make sure you watch him this time

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