New Athlon Box Just Won't Work!

I built a nice nice new Athlon 1.1GHz box, 512MB RAM (2*256, from Micron), 30GB IBM 75GXP HD, Asus V7700 32MB DDR, SB Live, Intel 10/100 NIC, the list goes on....

But heres the problem, the system runs hot and always crashes. I managed to get the cputemp down to a max of about 130F with the addition of a 5th fan but that only slightly helped the problem. The system just locks up on me for no reason. If an MP3 is playing, it continues, but the rest of the system won't respond. Replaced the RAM, same exact thing. I am thinking its the motherboard (Asus K7V) but i don't know how to test that. Any ideas anyone?
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  1. Have you checked AMD's support site?
    They have a list of approved cases/power supplies. Seems the type of power supply (air intake locations) has quite an effect on CPU temp. Good luck, looks like you have a winner if you can get that sucker cooled off!

  2. yes, check the powersupply, make sure it is approved.
    You have a lot of big stuff in your rig and it needs a lot of power.
    Also, make sure the fan on your chip is approved for that speed. If not, get a better cpu fan first.
  3. The case is AMD approved. I have been unable to determine what the proper operating temperature is for an Athlon 1.1GHz. The chip is not overclocked and underclocking the memory to 100MHz with CAS3 seems to help it a little bit. I don't really have the resources to test out the motherboard without dishing out $100 to a computer shop, but i think that may be the problem. With the CPU dead idle and the 5 fans blowing away, the cpu runs about 120-123. Several people have hinted me to that it could be the video card, but i used this one for a month in another system that never crashed even a single time for me.

    Anyone else have some more input?
  4. Try this, take out both the network card and the sound card.
    Keep the case open and put a big floor fan or other type of household fan pointed into the case directly at the motherboard and run it for a while. See if it still heats up, it shouldn't.
    Taking out the sound card and the network card will probably solve the crashing problems. If it still crashes, we can work on the video card.
    But let's try this other stuff first.
  5. Try updating the Bios for the A7V. Also try updating the VIA chipset driver (the 4 in 1 driver one their website I had similar problems with my Athlon 1GHz processor and same motherboard. I updated everything and it seems to run better (i.e. doesn't lock up as much). Also, my Athlon is a retail version that comes with AMD's fan and heatsink and mine runs right about that same temperature that you mentioned.
  6. Could be a remarked processor. I've heard a bit of rumbling on discussion boards about this. How are the traces on the cpu?
  7. Over the past few days i have had the memory clocked at 100MHz, instead of 133MHz. Although I do still crash, it isn't as much. I can usually encode mpegs (flask/divx) for at least a couple hours where as with the 133MHz, abuot 20 minutes was my max before the system would blue screen and reboot. Also, running the computing client causes the same blue screen effect. I am starting to lean towards a faulty motherboard or maybe just the chipset. Would this be logical?
  8. go to Radio shack and get some heat paste and then go get your self a good cpu cooler and replace the stock one ( I suggest the golden orb or chrome orb. Apply the heat paste to the CPU and see if that works. This should only cost you about 20 bucks.
  9. Hi Guy,
    I just finished posting a question about the normal operating temps for a T-bird 1100. My average seems to be about 125 or so degrees F. with a room temp. of about 75-80 degrees F. I'm running the A7V mobo rev. 1.02, and the hottest I've had it running is about 135 degrees. I'm not finding much info on whether that is too hot or not, but I'm not crashing, and everything seems to be working fine running my mem at 133 mhz. Do you have any info on this? My case and powersupply are rated ok powerwise, but my power supply doesn't have the bottom air intake. It pulls air from the front. I got a good fit on my heatsink to processor, but I didn't use any thermal paste. I went with what was on the sink. I'd appreciate any help.
  10. Hey guess what! I am using the chrome orb with some thermal paste from radio shack! Hows that?

    I am crashing very infrequently now, but when it does, I get a Windows 2000 BSOD. Even worse is that it flashes by too quickly to read. Running the memory at 133MHz is a prescription for trouble. Running the computing client does the same ill-effect. I doubt the RAM is faulty as I have tried high quality modules on the board. What is the likelyhood of the motherboard having issues? If so, what are some ways to verify that?
  11. The Asus ?7V boards seem to have an issue with running at PC133 - I have access to two Tbird systems running A7V boards. Both cause repeated problems at 133 , but the memory is ECC ie server spec 512Mb modules which work perfectly in other systems. I have also heard other complaints about the same issue in Asus 7V boards. At some point I'll try the latest bios.

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  12. Well in that case I think i'll go ahead and trash this Asus board and buy the Abit model. Does Asus have any information about this though? My board came with the latest BIOS update on it.
  13. Some searching through the Asus online forums revealed that I am not the only one having these problems. The general consensus is that the new BIOS (1004) is at fault for the heat rises as well as the crashing. Who knows. I am sick and tired of not being able to run anything major on this powerhouse machine though. Perhaps you other Athlon 1GHz+/A7V owners could try running the client for about half an hour or so and see if you can duplicate this crashing situation?
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  15. There seems to be a new BIOS by now.
  16. I used to have the same problem with my athlon 650.. it turned out that I needed new video drivers and new soundcard drivers. The sound card was the actual culprit. good luck!
  17. I had the exact same problem. After 4 days of testing and swapping I still couldn't even install windows since the machine was running too hot. I didn't know it at the time, but it was way too hot. I was using a socket A fan, but one of those dinky ones for a celeron or so. You need a massive fan and heatsink for these Athlons. Once I put the new fan on, it ran like a champ. I was running a Duron 800 on a Asus A7V. I swore I'd sledgehammer that motherboard, but once it got running that motherboard is top notch.
  18. Ack! The orb!?! Did you read the article on this very website about the best CPU coolers? The orbs may look cool but when it comes to actual performance they fall far short of expectations. I'd suggest reading this article before dropping (flushing?) the cash for an orb:

    ...As a personal note, I've got my T-bird 800 o/ced to 912Mhz at 105F with a $15 SocketAHO cooler from

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  19. I had a similar problem with an Abit KA7 RAID, it would not run a processor over 900MHz without getting really hot and crashing the system all the time. I found this very unfair as all other AMD owners overclock their cpus and I thought I was the only bugger who had to underclock to get it working. After a lot of experimentation, it turned out that the mobo was faulty and could not supply the correct voltage to the cpu. You may have the same problem, try the cpu on another mobo (borrow a friends), if it works fine then you can probably send the mobo back without any worries. It worked for me.
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