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I'm looking for information about building 2 Dedicated Gaming Servers. The servers are going to be run by a Company that can give my online gaming community the required Bandwidth. But i was hoping for some suggestions on Hardware for the server or what we should use and why.
At first we were thinking of using a SMP so we could host 2 Games on one box, but i was told that this would run out of main memory bandwidth. Also the games will be a new one called Battlefields 1942, and when it comes out in October Delta Force Black Hawk Down. Both First Person Shooters.
The first one can host up to 64 players, but is very resource hungry. So I was thinking a Athlon XP 2000+, good stable motherboard, 1GB RAM (good quality RAM) just a ATA100 7,200 rmp HDD, cause i was told SCSI or RAID wouldn't offer much if any benifit on a gaming server. And a 3Com Network card.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appricated.
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  1. if your running two servers on it i would recomend double that ram. if you are going to be hosting a lot of players you may want to consider dual procesors. i may be over estimating the power a dedicated game server would require but its seems they would take a lot with that many connections. also, what is this company that does this service? im looking for a hosting service for a thg counter-strike clan.

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