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USB card reader and SCSI on same machine

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February 28, 2001 2:01:05 PM

I recently purchased a SimpleTech USB dual-card reader. On paper it appearst to be a great product: usb connectivity, assigns drive letters to each slot (compact flash & smart media slots), provides dual media capapbilities, yadda yadda.

Unfortunately when installing this product on a machine that also has SCSI drives causes a Windows Protection Error upon bootup. Disconnecting the SCSI drives from the control alleviates the problem and the system boots and the card reader works.

I contacted SimpleTech Tech Support and they told me it is apparently an issue with the ASPI manager used for the card reader conflicting with the separate ASPI manager used for my SCSI equipment.

One tech suggested using hardware profiles which does not work. The exception error remains regardless of whether the hardware is disabled in a particular profile.

A second tech said there's no workaround, the equipment cannot co-exist. I'm anxiously awaiting a return phone call form the tech support and/or design engineer.

I've search the Internet and can find no mention of this issue with any card reader products.

Does anyone have any suggestions, experience, etc?

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March 12, 2001 12:01:16 PM

Latest in my saga...

SimpleTech has yet to respond to me even though I've both Emailed and phoned them. I forced to use a 24x IDE CD-ROM while my Plextor SCSI equipment sits unused (I used the USB card reader too much).

I've heard from a friend that the Sandisk USB compact flash reader works well on his PC that has a variety of SCSI equipment connected via an Adaptec controller. Sandisk's sales dept also replied that they weren't aware of any incompatibilities with their product and SCSI and forwarded my question to their tech dept for clarification.
March 17, 2001 12:11:49 PM

I am running an Adaptec 29160, PX-W1210S , PX-40TW, and a Microtech USB multi-format reader, all under W2k SP1 with no problems.

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March 29, 2001 3:23:25 PM

Add the Microtech ZiO! Smart Media USB reader to the bucket of what won't work with SCSI.

Additionally I believe the issue is related to my Tekram 315U SCSI card which has no onboard BIOS. My wife's machine has a Tekram 395UW which doesn't exhibit the same problems as my machine does.

Unfortunately I have to say SimpleTech's tech support is utterly TERRIBLE. Repeated calls and Emails by myself to their helpdesk has resulted in not a single return phone call regarding my problem. I even asked to speak to a manager, they took my name and number again, yet no phone call.

I'm going to test the problem on my end to narrow it down to the specific SCSI card, and if that is truly the issue I will approach the problem with Tekram and see where I get.

From what I've been told it's an issue with more than one ASPI manager attempting to load at the same time (or something along those lines).
April 19, 2001 1:34:39 PM

As best I can tell it's an issue with the Tekram 315U due to it's lack of an on-board SCSI BIOS. This requires extra software drivers that apparently conflict with the ASPI drivers used by USB card readers.

I've successfully used the USB card readers with the following SCSI cards:

Adaptec 2940U
Adaptec 2940UW
Tekram 390F