What is the issue Number of the White Dwarf Magazine june 2000 issue?

If some one could please tell me what is the issue number for the White Dwarf Magazine that was released in June of 2000? I happen to be in a picture at my local game store "Grand Masters Games and Hobby's" located in Dartmouth Massachusetts, for an "Armageddon" games day event or something along those lines, and I would love to get my hands on it. I'm not even sure if it's that issue, but i know that it took place in the summer of 2000, so it would be a good start in searching for the issue. The only reason I know that I'm in it, was because a few random games approached me in class a few month after that picture was taken, and said that they were sustain that was me hahahhaha. If possible, you could email me at. Thanks a lot fellow gamers, It would be much appreciated.
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