Windows Live Mail won't download existing Mail!

I used to use webmail but then we bought microsoft office 2007 and I have been using the microsoft outlook. Whenever I reinstall windows and install microsoft outlook, I configure my account password, username...etc. From then, when I click send/receive Outlook downloads all the existing mail that I have from my online account. So I already have 1000 messages all of which have been still downloads them into the program. However, recently I wanted to try something new so I install Windows Live Mail. I configure my account just like I would in outlook but the program only downloads messages that have been sent after the program was configured. The 1000 old messages from my online account don't get downloaded, however I need them to be downloaded into the client and I don't know how to do this. I have the same problem with mozilla thunderbird, and claws...its seems that only Outlook work properly with this. Is this the difference between a paid and free product or am I missing something here?
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  1. you're saying that there is no way to sync your old messages before the windows live mail install. i believe there is a way.
    i'll check back to you on that when I get a chance.
  2. YES!...I have lets say a 1000 messages. When I install outlook and configure everything, the first time I click Send/Receive, it downloads all 1000 mail messages from my inbox. In windows live mail it won't do only downloads messages sent after I install it.
  3. so download all the messages in your outlook then import them over to mail.?
    or have outlook open and running then open mail and see if you can tel it to sync.?
  4. That might be possible but this issues isn't just windows live mail, its also thunderbird, claws, evolution...etc..Outlook is the only one that works. Maybe it has something to do with pop3 and IMAP? Not sure. But for example, if I have a laptop with linux on it and want to install an email client, I don't want to install outlook onto that laptop just to import it (if i even can) into my other email client. Plus I have a license for one office so installing it in two location is a no.
  5. pop3 imap and what, smtp.?
  6. well pop3 and imap are incoming and smtp is outgoing. Right now my email online is set to pop3. Maybe i should try IMAP?
  7. Any help?...I really want to be able to use Mozilla Thunderbird but I can't becuase it won't import my existing mail from my google's servers. Outlook does it no problem, why not thunderbird? It sends and receives mail fine but the mail I recieve is only after I install the program. !!! It says nothing on the internet!
  8. what does windows mail do.? not windows live mail..
  9. I don't even have windows mail, either i don't know where it is or win7 doesn't come with it.
  10. it's in windows , it comes with the install.
    search for it real quick and try.
    has all the configuration options like outlook.
    i wonder if you have to go into features and enabled it.?
  11. Okay well, I enabled IMAP on google, it was previous disabled. And then I set thunderbird to use IMAP and it worked :)! I don't know why but whatever, if it works fine. And windows 7 comes with no email client, XP had outlook express, vista had windows mail, and for windows 7 you need to download a client like windows live mail.
  12. no no..
    in my version of windows ultimate, windows mail can with initial install...
    glad it worked for you regardless.
  13. Thank you :)! I have windows home premium but it has no windows mail for some reason...although i do have a folder. Either way, thunderbird is pretty awsome. I still can't say anything is better then outlook 2007 but its good for a freebee. Outlook is the king though without a question, the only thing better is outlook 2010 which I might get soon.
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