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I now tried to connect the little bridges togheter to increase my CPU but it didn't work: I tried two times: first time, it didn't worked at all, second time, it did boot at higher speed (yehhh!) but when I rebooted to try another speed, it locked again (damn!). I joined the bridges with a Sanford EAGLE USA HB 2 pencil. I have now specific question:
1) How much graphite do we have to put on a bridge? does it have to cover everything with a good thickness of graphite?
2) Is it possible that the little bit of graphite that I put simply got away with heat so that it would not reboot at the same clock speed after?

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  1. 1) Doesn't matter the quantity, but the quality. It's necessary to have all the L1 bridges connected
    2) Yes, it's possible. In my case, the graphite resisted only for about 2 hours :(. I got mad and tried the soldering gun. Result: now I have a 945 MHz (9x105) Duron, from 700. Don't try this at home ;)
  2. The thing to remember w/ that trick is that the bridges have been there before and that AMD burned them off w/ a laser prior to shipping. That means that there is a tiny little groove where the bridge used to be. That groove is what you have to fill with graphite and the groove is also the reason that the liquid conductors (i.e. silver pen ink)work so much better for this trick. Obviously it is much easier to fill a little canal with a liquid than a solid. I got my Duron 750 to unlock w/the pencil, but it took me a few tries. Just be patient and use a magnifying glass to look for miniscule gaps in your homemade bridge.

    The AMD Duron 750- At $25 a pop, who cares if you burn it up!!!
  3. Man! I'm desperate... I have a super 1.2 AXIA and its huge potential is getting lost because of the incompetence of its owner (me!). It's been 5 times I try and it never works. Each time, I'm getting a bit more nervous because of the little probability of short circuiting neighboring bridges. I've been shopping for conductive pen and didn't found any even at Radio Shack...
    The worst of it is that I look and I look at my bridges and it seems really that no bridges of L1 are cut! I can check at L3 bridges for exemple at it seems obvious that some are cut. Could this be due to an hypothetical fact that when building the CPU, AMD makes it with some bridges of L3 not joined and after the making, it cuts those of L1 with a laser making the cut much more difficult to see than those of L3???
    Finally, is the mobo could be the problem? In the BIOS, it is clearly change the multiplier or the FSB... MSI 6380 K7T266 PRO
    Please help!!

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  4. Do you think it worth the price to buy a conductive pen? how much it cost normally?

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  5. I can't understand anything... Yesterday with my last try, it clearly failed and now I accidentaly run TestCPU and I have been suprised to find my CPU at 1340 MHz!!! It seems that some boot, it overclocks and some other it doesn't... Hmmm.... I don't want to reboot to see if it will keep at 1340! Better stay with an unrebooted computer 'til the rest of my life ;-)

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