Nfs_mostwanted widescreen prob.

hello friends
I have a problem with nfs most wanted.The game is not set on my laptop's full sereen as my laptop resolution is 1366*768 but in game the maximum is 1080 or something (using Win7)
so how can i make it full screen (from square to wide screen)
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  1. There should be an option somewhere (dunno what your graphics is) in the settings that enables the overlay to be stretched across the screen. I know intel GPUs can definately do that, so I assume that if they can do it any gpu can.
  2. can u pls tell me the exact way to do this my laptop is with a ati 7450m redaon graphic card
  3. Is there no one who can help me??????
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  6. The steps for using Universal Widescreen Patcher for NFS:MW are given here-
    However,the details say that it works only on a cracked game.So,use it carefully.:)
  7. This video helped me out... maybe you can check it out:
    You can play the game widescreen.
    If you have mods installed, runs well!
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