Recommend me a heatsink!!!

I just bought an Athlon T-Bired 1.33ghz. I'm not thinking overclocking YET...but I probably will in the future. Can someone please suggest a quality heatsink for this cpu? It doesnt have to be a rolls royce, but I dont want a pinto either. Something reliable that I could use to overclock a little when I'm ready.

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  1. Loud:
    1. Thermalright SK6 w/ 7k Delta
    2. Thermosonic ThermoEngine w/ 7k Delta (what I have)

    1. NoiseControl Silverado
    2. Thermalright SK6 w/o 7k Delta

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  2. Millennium Glaciator.

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  3. Swifttech the Thermoengine in benchmarks, and given a 30 degree reading from THG.
  4. The Thermaltake Volcano II is a very common unit for overclocking the 1.33Ghz to 1.5Ghz+. Noise runs around 29-31db which is low compared to many with the Delta fans. Otherwise you could go with a VapoChill unit. Hea hea.
  5. Alpha Pal-6035MFC and a Thermaltake 60mm 31cfm 28db fan.

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