Shut down problem in windows 7

After installing Windows 7 64bit home premium (not upgrade) on my computer it has been mainly working great apart from one small niggle, when I close down it will sometimes stay powered on. The monitor goes into standby but everything else is still running. I can switch it off at the back and this hasn't caused any problems on restarting but it is annoying having to keep checking to make sure it went off before I go out.
Occasionally one of these bad shutdowns will, after about 20 secs of the monitor going black, blue screen with a machine check exception. No record of this is recorded in dmp files and when I reboot, the computer is rock stable and runs without a hitch.
Tried all the usual fixes, none worked, computer rock solid under XP


ATI 5850 gpu
I7 920 cpu not overclocked
6 gig ocz ddr3
Corsair HX850 w ps
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  1. I'd say flash the mobo with a new BIOS and if it doesn't work and the problem is annoying reinstall Windows.
  2. Flashed to latest Bios and problem still persists. Got too much installed now to bother or risk reinstalling so looks like I'm gonna have to live with it. All reboots are fine when this occurs and no record of any fault is recorded so it should be ok to just keep switching it off at PS when it happens.
    This does seem to be a common problem in windows 7 from what I've been reading on the forums and I'm hoping it's gonna be resolved in Sp1

  3. I assume from what you originally posted that your OS was a fresh install. Have you tried (re-installing) the motherboard drivers?

    Have you tried Win7 Repair?

    Have you tried selectively disabling stuff that loads at Startup (msconfig, etc) to see if the problem can be traced to one of them?

    Long shot - have you thoroughly tested memory (Prime95, "Detect Rounding Errors" checked) to see if a memory error is causing a failure during shutdown?
  4. Yip, fresh install not upgrade and was running XP before without any issues. Flashed BIOS twice, removed all USB devices, latest drivers and updates installed, I've run Prime, Heavy Load, Memtest etc without any errors, run memory under-clocked, cpu under-clocked, No overheating or loose connections, etc. Disabled individual services/processes and tried too many BIOS settings
    Because this is an occasional occurrence it's much harder to diagnose and just when I think I've tracked it down and found the answer then it will happen again. It can happen if I've had the computer on for hours or just 10 minutes
    I think I'm gonna get hold of another hard drive and do another fresh install on that and if it still happens then that's it, I'll give up lol
  5. This is probably caused by a driver or application crashing. Have you looked in Event Viewer for errors?
  6. downloaded a hotfix for hanging shutdown and that's 14 straight shutdowns so far without any problems......looking promising
  7. Thanks for the info!
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