Help needed regarding mods installation in skyrim

I download an armor mod from skyrim nexus
there were following folders in the file i downloaded
Data >Meshes ,textures ,and a .esp file of the armor
and when i opened data in my game directory there were no such folders like meshes texture an all but there was skyrim-meshes.bsa and skyrim-textures.bsa
i haven't installed any patch of the game or something
please tell me how can i install the mod into the game .
I am playing the game on PC.
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  1. download Nexus's Mod Manager , its easy to use, just install and it will auto detect the game then import the files you've downloaded from the site into NMM and it will install it directly to your game without problems

    happy modding :)
  2. you don't have those folders/files in your directory because you haven't extracted any game content. Once you place custom files where specified the game will load/use those files instead of the default ones.
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