Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn Revenge

Hello everyone. I have recently downloaded this DLC on Steam but can't figure out how to access it in game. I have already passed the game so now I'm only continuing the story and roaming around the city. Is there a certain spot in the map that I need to go to in order for it to be initiated? Please, help..I'm confused.
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  1. I know it seems like a stupid question but this is my first DLC. I figured it would be obvious but I don't see the option of choosing this DLC in the game nor in the menu screen...
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    I believe you have to download the DLC from Games for Windows Live, then it will appear in your game. It might also be that you just continue from your completed save and a new mission pops up.
  3. Thanks Supernova1138, you were right. I had to go into the GFWL console and download the game. I thought Steam had already done that for me but I was wrong. Thanks again.
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