Which termaltake cooler?

The cooler from Molex i purchased for my TB 1.4 Ghz is no good :(
So I returned it... this time I'll buy a "normal" cooler instead of a silent one.

I have been looking at the thermaltake coolers (because I heard that they were a solid performer), therefore I would like to know if the Thermaltake Volcano II be enough, or should I get a Volcano 6cu?
Furthermore does the Volcano 6cu have the same clamp as the Volcano II (I liked that one).

Hope to get some good input :)

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  1. Well, if you are going Thermaltake only, go with the Thermoengine V60-4610. Best there is, IN THE THERMOENGINE LINE. Now, if you want the best HSF period, go with the Swifttech MC-462. Best on the market. 80 bucks, but well worth it. Much sturdier mount (No clips, screws into hole around socket) and has great construction (Standard 80mm fan).
  2. I thought Thermosonic made the Thermoengine?? I don't think Thermaltake makes it, they're top of the line is the Volcano II. Which if you are not overclocking is a solid performer.

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  3. Sorry about that, I got my Thermo-somethings messed up. He is correct, it is Thermosonic which makes the Thermoengine. Anyways, for Thermaltake Volcano II is the best.
  4. watch out and make sure you get the right thermaltake fan. as said here:


    "That ThermalTake fan is quiet; is the fan really producing 31cfm of air or only 23 to 26 as some people have stated in other postings in this forum"

    "The particular fan at sidewinder really produces the 31cfm of air. Apparently TT has a new crop of fans. I sent one to PH to test and he agreed that it wasn't the same fan as before."

    here is the right fan:
  5. Thermaltake Volcano 6cu will do you fine, I've tried the Volcano 5 and it keeps my dual 700E's at 933 at 41deg under full loads on a hot day. On a cool day they stay at 38 or so. Plus the Volcano 5 is still much more quiet than any CPU with a Delta Fan.

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  6. the swiftec is also a solid performer... if you can afford it get it...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  7. I replaces my Delta 7k fan on my Alpha Pal-6035 with the new 60mm TT 31cfm fan, and I am very pleased. I highly reccomend this fan to anyone will to sacrifice some overclocked mhz, or a couple and I mean a couple of degrees in temp for a much quieter ride.

    I only noticed a jump of about 5 degrees C under load, and idle temps are near identical.

    But this fan is a ton quieter than the turbine I had before. Definately worth the money, lol, I can now hear my hard drive. Gotta get a HD silencer now!! :-)

    <b>"These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary."
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