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hi, i have purchased the mc462 with the loudest delta fan ever, the ehes. Those things pump a lot of air, but my question is, my idle temps are 38c but after a clean installation of windows i went back into my bios and to see my cpu temp at 50c. Is this the normal range of temperatures for the mc462? or have i installed it incorrectly? i am using the generic thermal compound that came with the hsf.
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  1. The BIOS reading is almost always completely off. Asus shows readings around 10 higher than actual, while Abit shows them a bit lower. Do not trust the BIOS temp reading ever. Only decently accurate way of measuring would be thremal probe or thermistor.
  2. In a room at 24 degrees I'd see a 1.33G AXIA t-bird running 1.85V and 1573Mhz at around 41-42 degrees at full load, as measured my MBM4 , calibrated -3C (13 degreesC lower than ASUS probe reports) as done with compunurse type probe on ASUS A7V133 bios 1005, board rev 1004, case temp 26 degrees or so unadjusted (as MBM reports).

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  3. right now as i am posting MBM5 is reporting sensor 2 as 45c i think this rig is getting to hot.
  4. what's your setup (mobo, voltages, cpu) and what is your mobo temp?

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  5. a7m266, volts @ default never touchd them, power supply a low 250 watts. i dunno whast wrong besides that its 90F outside. thanx for the replies tho
  6. hmm 250W is on the low side for a high end Athlon setup - I'd be looking at 300-350 minimum (I use 450W in mine, but I have a lot of gear...

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  7. i think i narrow the problem down, the psu is really hot, i think its over powered and its right next to cpu. there are venting holes which vent heat directly at the cpu, i think this old psu needs a replacement
  8. the enermax psus are really good. They will extract air from around the cpu socket and are a twin fan design - avoiding exactly the situation you describe.

    I'd recommend investing in a good psu. The 450W enermax will be more than you need and comfortable run anything you throw at it - as long as you never use a TEC.

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  9. okay i just lowered my temps by 12degreez C with the case open, seems the air inside wasnt getting moved properly, it was getting baked inside. raising my temps like crazy, i am getting some great temps now
  10. great - so now you know what to work on. A good exhaust fan near the cpu will help - and having a PSU that extract air from the case, rather than injecting hot air will greatly help.

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  11. u think if i worked on the case, with a couple of nice fans, i can get these temps even lower than an open case around 38-40c? these temps are idle, full load would be around 42-45.
  12. for a stock cpu the swifty should keep it to around 40 degrees loaded. Get the psu exhausing heat, not introducing it and get a good exhaust fan (80mm) near the cpu in the black panel.

    Then look to introduce airflow into the front of the case - try passive first and if that is not good enough try some low speed 80s or a 120 if you have room.

    The more fans, the more noise - try and go with the minimum.

    Also bear in mind that 45 degrees under load is a great temperature and you do not _have_ to worry about trying to get cooler at all. That temperature will last your cpu for years.

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  13. are there any very intensive cpu applications i can run to make it go fully underload to test what my load temp ceiling really is? and these delta fans are freakin loud,, i am really considering replacing the fans. my case is really small i cant even fit fans next to the cpu, thats how small it is. maybe a new case is in order.

    ps: the psu is realyl cool and blowing cool air now, with the case removed
  14. Well, seti@home usually does the trick for me. If you want to be really sure, run seti cli client and then another app, like a video encode, DIVX playback or something to be sure your cpu is at 100%.

    You can of course replace the swifty fan with any 80mm fan but I fouond that a low CFM 80mm was no better than an average cooler and just as noisy. A high cfm fan sounded just as noisy as the delta - so back to square 1...

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  15. Did you try the "tricks" in "Quieting your Delta" posted in
    May? Did you really put some form to lower the vibration, so
    the noise? I just installed a 38 cfm Delta fan with mc370's
    heatsink for my 1.4GHz TB, and it's sooo noisy that my
    officemate begins to complain...

    While following this thread, I have a few other questions.
    This cooler just mentioned above was giving me 50 C
    initially at idle. That's what got me here to find out
    what's wrong with my setup. Thanks for your discussion, I
    was able to calm myself down by opening the case to get the
    temp down to 41 C (idle). (Well, I still don't know if this
    is good temp. or not... with the noise so high, I am
    expecting a very low temperature... my blood pressure is
    somewhat corelated to these two, so they better not both go
    Emmm... it seems like the airfow problem... I have a case
    fan installed on the front to draw the cool air from
    outside (default setting on Enlight 7237), and it seems not
    effective for my motherboard layout (A7M266), which puts the
    cpu near the PS (top) with the case fan on the bottom while
    the AGP video card is blocking the circulation in between.
    So, I moved the fan to the spare place below the PS and
    right next to the CPU. Bingo! The temperature is only 2
    degree higher with the case closed! 43 C (Idle). it's 47 C
    under full load (it's been at this temp for 30 mins under
    100% Kernel: Processor usage) The trade-off is, mobo temp
    went from 31 C to 34 C (the case fan was blowing cool air
    on the mobo before...). are these temps OK? I am a little
    worried that I put too much artic silver II ... it's my
    first time dealing with the thermal compound.

    (The temperatures readings are from MBM 5, and Asus Probe
    utility gives the same. )

    The last problem, if the temp is OK, how to lower the Delta
  16. try rounding off your ide cables... could improve the solution... also an exhaust fan... while loud will get rid of the air inside your box...

    you do not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
  17. i just found out a neat trick to make ur delta fan a quite fan. What i did was switch the molex connectors and giving the delta only 7v instead of the 12vs. This thing quite down so much its like non-existent now. i have to check to see if its even running. The temps are different tho. i think i sacrifice atleast 1-2 degree C.
  18. using all that money for the heat sink and fan and then using generic compound... buy some arctic silver II and those temps are off... the bios is almost always mashed... they dont want to be sued because the bios showed thecpu to be cooler than it really is so they give themselves a nice safety barrier... just like car spedos show you to be going slightly faster than you really are... so you cant sue them when you are going 72 when the limit is 70 and your spedos showing 68...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
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