Is 7 hours of Prime95 long enough to insure an overclocked processor is stable?
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  1. <font color=blue>Prime95 is that "search for the largest prime number" number crunching program, right? What's the purpose behind finding a biggass prime number anyway? But to answer your question, yes, 7 hrs is more than long enough. I am assuming you reach 100% CPU processing when using that application.

    Actually, "long enough" is really just long enough for the proc temp to reached "steady state." All that means is the temperature isn't changing. Several minutes is probably more than sufficent. However, I generally run SETI <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>(join the THG SETI team!!!)</A><font color=blue> and use the temp I see after it has been running all weekend. But like I said, it is really unnecessary to wait that long.

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  2. Yes, thanks. Interestingly, my 1.2GHz AXIA Athlon only runs Prime95 properly at a maximum of 1.33GHz and not 1.4GHz even if I adjust the voltage to the maximum. What is my problem? It's not temperature! My maximum temp with prime95 is around 50oC. So short of a motherboard mod, how do I make my CPU run stably at 1.4GHz? Any ideas? By the way, I have an Abit KT7A motherboard.
  3. ive got the same problem i believe.
    i can run at 1200 @ 1.7v
    1350 at 1.8
    but anything above 1375 kinda dies after a while. hour or two tops.

    i believe my power supply isnt quite supply enough juice.
    its only a 300Watt. what do u have?

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  4. My power supply is only 300w too. Hmm, I may need a new power supply? The thing is, overclocking an Athlon isn't like overclocking any other CPU. It has to be studied. You have to make sure all your components are up to the job. But when you do get it to work properly, an overclocked Athlon will last as long a factory-default Athlon and run just as stably.
  5. Are you sure the power supply would help? I don't want to go out spending $100 CDN on a 430W Enermax power supply without being sure it'll do for me.
  6. I think we are in the same situation. My 1.2 GHz AXIA instantly crashes in Prime95 when running at 1.4 (but I can run 3DMark 2001 or SETI@home without problems). I know the temp is high (65C) but it runs fine at 1.33 GHz and 63C. To make sure that my limiting factor is not overheating I'll install my room fan and make it blow directly toward my motherboard.

    Of course my temps will go way down and if I still can't make it run at 1.4GHz, I'll buy a new PSU. BTW, a new HS and a few case fans will also get in soon.

    Any suggestions for good quiet 80mm case fans ?

    Thanks and good luck with your AXIA :smile:

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  7. Thanks for the info. I'd really appreciate it if you tell me if the power supply you buy helps or not. I know I can push my Athlon way higher because the CPU temperature is very reasonable (50oC max running the 3R BIOS and Prime95 for several hours in an unairconditioned room at almost 40oC room temp). I should be able to get it to 1.53GHz like some other AXIA owners because I have 6 case fans including the GlobalWin WBK38. Cooling is definitely NOT an issue here.
  8. Hmmm... I won't be able to make any test on my computer before september because I won't be home 'til then. If a new PSU rules out my problem though, be sure that you'll hear it on this board as I'll post my overclocking results.

    BTW, if you buy one before me, post your results please !

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  9. Quote:
    Actually, "long enough" is really just long enough for the proc temp to reached "steady state." All that means is the temperature isn't changing. Several minutes is probably more than sufficent

    I really have to disagree on this one, when I clock my 1 gig athy to anything over 1333, it will run prime95 or Genome@home for several hours before locking up, I normally run G@H but prim95 does similar, when I overclock or change any bios settings etc, I usually run Prime95 of G@H constantly and note the time I started, often, I will get up in the morning and see my taskbar clock stuck on 4am of 6am etc from the evening/night before, so it does (IMO) take a lot longer than a few minutes to fully test stability. Imagine a car engine, it may well reach 8000 rpm, and it may well stay there for a few minutes, but hours?

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  10. Yeah, I agree but shouldn't 7 hours be enough to test that? My problem is probably the power supply at 1.4GHz and up. Quite probably, so is yours.

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