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I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me O.C. my 1.2 GHZ T-Bird on an ASUS A7M266 mobo. Well I finally got it going, it was the memory, samsung, that wouldnt do it but now its going well. I'm running at 1440 MHZ with temps of 33 C / 91 F on the CPU and 29 C / 84 F on the case temp. Being a machinist I designed and built my own water cooler and waterblock. One problem I am having is that my graphics have a hard time with 3D, a leadtek GeForce 2 MX DH Pro 32MB. I'm using this machine for proffessional audio and when I used to have loads of 86% on the CPU, I now have 56%. I very happy, audio graphics are mainly 2D but I was wondering if anyone knew if anything could be done to improve the 3D at these clock speeds. Also my network card wont work at higher speeds either, at 1200 MHZ its fine but nothing above , does anyone recomend a good card that works for overclocking and any ideas how to make the graphics work. Again thank you so much for all the help !!!!!......


Zoe Crist // Q20
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  1. Since sound is so dependant on timing, I'd keep your busses at the default rate. Grab a pencil and start drawing on the top of your CPU. You may be end up with a bit less power but a lot more stability.

    <A HREF="http://www.ocinside.de/index_e.html?/html/workshop/socketa/socketa_resistors.html" target="_new">This is cool for OCin AMDs</A>

  2. welcome back q20, i thought you had given up - bad luck on the memory stick and network card thou.

    as for your vid card you can o/c it too!

    leadtek have a review on their server that includes o/cing results with core @ 201 and memory @ 205MHz
    you can safetly go 200/200 (use <A HREF="http://www.tweakfiles.com/video/powerstrip.html" target="_new">powerstrip </A>if you don't have any other)


  3. Thanks for the power strip link, I installed it. Will changing the bridges on the CPU really speed things and provide stability. Rite now the highest I can go on the FSB is 161. My stability is greatly increased and has crashed on me. But anything over 161 it wont boot or crashes as soon as it starts.


    Zoe Crist // Q20
  4. Well done firstly,
    If you are getting 161 fsb out of it thats pretty good. Lowering FSB is the only thing I can think of to stabilize that card.
    That watercooling rig you made sounds awesome, do you have a picture of it?

    Crank it up... way up!! I need that power.
  5. Is that lower the CPU clock or the GPU clock. I'm running the graphics at 200 /205. Yes I do have pictures but didnt know where to post them, if someone could tell me how and where I would be happy to...

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  6. Ok maybe I am wrong but here goes, your fsb is too high and I think that alters the pci speed so lower that back until the graphics card works fine again. That board isnt agood overclocking board.

    Unlocking the CPU L1 bridges is useless on an A7M266 as no bios or jumper settings are available for the multiplier. You can buy a Golden socket which allows this <A HREF="http://www.plycon.com/goldsock.htm" target="_new"> here</A>. I have no idea how good they are.

    But you can set the "L" bridges manually as showen <A HREF="http://www.ocinside.de/index_e.html?/html/workshop/socketa/socketa_resistors.html" target="_new"> here</A> They also say a bit about the A7M266. I am about to try unlocking my cpu too soon I have the same problem as you with a different board.

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  7. what would be the dangers of overclocking by the bridges. Would it be more stable to alter the bridges and keep the FSB at 133. How high should I try to run a T-Bird 1.2 if I decide to alter the bridges

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  8. Basically getting hot and frying the CPU. With that badass cooling system of yours well I will let you answer that one!
    I would say its more stable to overclock the cpu than the fsb.
    This generally depends on the code on your cpu core, some cpu's can be overclocked big time, and others are of a lesser build and best left alone. If you really want to do this you are on your own, no one will tell you how far to go, step it up one bit at a time is the safest way.

    Two ways I will try and do it:

    1/. Get another motherboard that has multiplier and voltage settings on it, open up L1 bridges on the CPU (dont havta open the others this way) and step it up from there.(prefered method for me)

    2/.When my new cpu turns up Iam gunna play with this lil' 1G AXIA, I have heard someone has had the same too 1.6- 1.7g. My plan is to get all bridges cut by a Jewler except some on the L7 which will allow me to use a silver pcb pen and step up bit by bit. Each time I can clean the previous setup and step higher up again. If it fries I have the other one.

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  9. can you clean a regular pencil mark if I close the bridges that way. And will a razor blade work to cut the bridges?
    where can I post pictures of the cooling system...

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  10. Pencil is easily removed even with your finger. Can use pure acetone or some elctrical cleaning fluid for cleaning.
    Dunno about the razor blade, could work wanna be a good clear cut.

    I hope you relise that if you do this your on your own as far as warranty and responsibility for what ever happens..(my disclaimer)

    Cant post pics on THG forums unfortunatly, just imagine how many pics would be here. Put them ona yahoo or hotmail web page or something and send us the link.

    Crank it up... way up!! I need that power.
  11. I successfully set the bridges by the guide, but the effewcts did not change anything. I set the multiplyer at 11 and the core v at 1.80, I used a micro scope to check my cuts and closings, but when I started the computer it still said it was at 1200 MHZ with a multiplier of 9X... Is it possible to change the multiplier to 11 X on the CPU itself, My board wont allow me to change it so I hoped I could do on the CPU...

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  12. I heard the guide is acurate, but then again who knows.

    Crank it up... way up!! I need that power.
  13. Did you close all the L1 bridges? They allow the alteration of the chip. Nothing will change until you unlock the chip. With the A7M266 you should be able to change the voltage on the board.

  14. I changed the voltages on the A7M266 but unfortunately I open all the L1 Bridges, should I close them all ?

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  15. well I closed them all on the L1 with an 0.5 mm HD pencil, but still no change. It only changes if I increase the FSB, I'm trying to just overclock the CPU and leave the FSB at 133, I hope it is possible but I dont know ?

    Zoe Crist // Q20
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