The Sims 3 Freezing... Kinda

I have recently installed The Sims 3 on my PC will all the expansions, excluding the katy perry and the "singing one", so everything up to Master Suite Stuff.

I have the game updated to the latest update available but whenever i play for a couple in game days, the game will start to lock up so, all actions will freeze but trees, water, ZzzZZzz, etc, will still move.

I can do the "resetsim *" command and it helps for the next week in game, but then it starts to freeze up again.

many people seem to have this issue, but i have not yet found a permanent solution.

anyone know how to solve this issue?
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  1. Defragment maybe? See if you can find any hacky-patches? Try using Gamebooster by IOBit?
  2. my system auto defrags every week, so i know it is not that, i believe that it has something to do with the game itself, because when i resetsim*, it just set the sim back home and reloads their stats and then it runs fine for a while.
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    It's a known issue with the game. It happens on a friend's system too. Your best bet is trawling the sims3 forums, you'll find others with the same issue there.
  4. same issue, but no solution... oh well, played again lastnight, and it only did it once while playing for the hour, so it is not too bad.
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