Is there any survival game like The last of us for pc

except the shitty left 4 dead.
i mean real good graphics and all.
i really like The last of us by watching its gameplay but too bad its not on pc
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  1. The arma 2 day z mod. ARMA 2 is an online shooter, and day z is a mod for it. It adds zombies and is super realistic gameplay wise. (The graphics aren't the best however.) However, it is online only. This means there are other players that can help you or kill you. You can even fix up vehicles. :)
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    Fallout New Vegas has a hard-core mode, and a gajillion mods that'll make it a survival game.

    Same for Fallout 3.

    Wurm Online might tickle your fancy. 'Tis got terra-forming and all that nice stuff.
  3. You can also try Dead Island. Bit of survival game there - and certainly looks good.
  4. Check out the Arma 2 mod: DayZ.
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