Which is the best looking game out there?

I think its Battlefield 3
What do you guys think?:)
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  1. Battlefield 3 looks amazing on max settings with the new frostbite 2 engine. Many mods out there do lots of things, like HD texture packs and depth of field mods. Even minecraft looks great with a nice HD texture pack and glsl shaders.
  2. Hi :)

    Metro 2033...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker
  4. Metro 2033
    The Witcher 2
    Shogun 2
    Alice: Madness Returns
  5. For my money, I have to say Trine 2. It's hard not to choose Rayman Origins, since I don't think I've seen another game capture that sunday morning cartoon appeal nearly as well, but Trine 2 is just gorgeous.
  7. Crysis 2 is pretty impressive, looking forward to 3. Shogun is also very visually impressive.
  8. can you tell me is crysis 3 and all upcoming game is playable on gtx560ti with 448core bcoz i am going to buy that graphic card in 1080p on high setting with i3 processor540 3.07GHz,4gb ram,mobo p7
  9. THat graphics card should handle them just fine, yes. Here's a great site to compare video cards
  10. medal of honor warfighter looks amazing!
  11. Please don't resurrect old/ancient threads >.<
  12. rolandzhang3 said:
    Please don't resurrect old/ancient threads >.<

    ok i just felt like it but whatever. lol
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