I and going to run windows 2000 or windows xp.
Which one is better or faster between RAID and DUAL CPU ???

Thank you
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  1. Thats like asking which is better between a pick-up and a ferrari. Each have their benefits.

    What apps do you use?

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  2. Good analogy, camieabz. Course, it'd have to be a nice pickup. Or maybe a semi?

    But yes, we'll need to know what you plan on using.

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  3. if i had a choice of which car to get for free id get the ferrari and sell it and buy a couple of nice pickups... with your setup id stay as far away from xp as possible... its even more evil than ME!!! 2K is the diet coke of evil so its ok...

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  4. In spite of the fact that you did not mention what apps you want to use, I am guessing that raid will probably help you out more. (assuming that you are going to be using raid to double/triple output as opposed to just using it for fault tolerance). Loading apps, especially windows will be dramatically faster. Most processors these days are overkill for even gamers and graphic artists (I mean come on now, how many frames/sec do we really need... TV is only displayed in 30). However, there are few times when I have said that my hard drive is overkill. So my personal opinion is that RAID is better than dual processing.

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  5. TV is 30 FPS?
    Actually, NTSC is 29.97, but who's counting? :)

    Anyone know what PAL is?

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  6. seems PAL is 25fps...

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  7. I agree, RAID is more likely to benefit most people more than a dual processor system.

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  8. Choosing RAID (disk striping) will increase performance a bit no matter what OS you choose. Two processors would be a complete waste unless you choose an OS that has a multi-processor kernel. NT or W2K from the MS side. Don't know about Linux...don't even care about the next OS2 waiting to happen :)

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