Logitech G930's not working? plesae help tried everything

okay so i decided to upgrade form the G35's to the G930's.... so far, no good.

I install the new drivers, do the disc, try putting it in different USB ports, even brought them back and got a different pair!

every single time I plug it in my logitech G510 keyboard will not work, the keys work but the LCD screen i cant do anything on it. Also I can not pen the logitech gaming software thing it comes up with an error saying

Runtime error!

program C:/Program files/logitech gaming software/LCore.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

Please contact the applcations support team for more information.

Tried calling customer support and well, yeah enough said lol. need help please! tried everything

Running windows 7 64-Bit
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  1. UPDATE: Are working fine on my Labtop. Going to do a disc cleanup, restart, unplug ALL Logitech stuff including keyboard, and re-install the Software from the site.
  2. okay now yet another update:

    Did all of that, still wasnt working. Now instead of just clicking on it I ran it as administrator an it worked? After I ran it as admin i could click in the programs or the short cut key on the bottom.

    Restarted computer, wouldnt work than ran it as admin and worked?
  3. That good keep us informed.
  4. Lol I guess my last message wasn't "clear" enough

    When I restart or shutdown the PC that message still comes up, until I run it as admin.... Anyone know why? Explained everything I could
  5. I don't know why that is happening but under program compatibility you can tick - Always run as Admin to fix you having to manually do it.
  6. My bad I was reading your second post when you were tell us about the laptop. That is what I was resopnding too. When I went to post my comment you had already posted your third post and mine came in right after your.

    Back to your problem. What is your system spec's. Maybe if we know what your rig is it might give us a little more of the picture as why your LG gaming keyboard won't work.

    Are you using any programs the monitor your temps, fps, etc? The reason I ask is because in MSI Afterburner there is a place in there that you choose to put the data on the screen of your monitor or the LG keyboard screen.

    Anyway get back to us with the info and we will work from there. Good luck.
  7. I'm in the process of putting Win8 x64 on my Lenovo W700 laptop and just installed the Logitech G930 lgs835_x64 driver and it works great! The audio is super great!
  8. Hi lads
    I have this same issue ( win7 x64 ) but i did this and its working fine good luck :)

    SO, things to do:

    1) Uninstall the software

    2) Go to here on your drive

    C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Logitech\Logitech Gaming Software

    3) Delete the settings.json file

    4) Reinstall LGS 8.30 using administrator level privileges :bounce:
  9. go into the install folder where the main exe. is open its properties and slect compatibility tab. at the bottom check the box to run as administrator. you can do this for all users not just you...
    next time you start the pc it should work straight away...
    also when you install anything on windows 7 make sure you do so with admin privs.
    you should also run most programs with admin privs anyway unless the program itself says its unwise to do so, like steam for instance. (running it as admin will bring up a box saying its risky to do so)
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