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Hey folks, i need help figuring out how to fix my streaming. I tried streaming dota 2 but in game i am getting some spikes. I recently just built this computer for streaming purposes and it sucks i cannot even stream properly. Anyhow here are my settings

XFX 7850
i5 2500k (not overclock)
4gb Ram.
windows 7 64 bit ultimate.

Here is my upload speed.

These are my xsplit settings.

streaming at 720p.
25 FPS
Scale viewport: default.

Can anyone help me improve my streaming?
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  1. Overclock your 2500k it will help improve your streaming. Also, update your flash media player, and make sure hardware acceleration is on or if any of the programs you use supports hardware acceleration (primarily video card).
  2. i would overclock it but i dont know how. I have a Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 MObo. i dont wanna fry anything =\
  3. Okay, here are some options without overclocking. Turn off anti virus and any other programs or processes that uses your system resources. Try and leave only the essential programs for streaming open.
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