Overclocking an Athlon 1ghz w/ A7V mother board

Hi. As the subject suggests, I have an Athlon 1ghz CPU with an Asus A7V mother board, and was thinking about overclocking. What's the best way to go about this, preferably without any soldering or anything too risky? Most guides on the Internet seem quite outdated. Is just slowly upping the FSB setting in the BIOS good enough for most purposes? As you can probably tell, I'm quite new to overclocking, but we all have to start somewhere.
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  1. Right,

    Firstly what are you running? You have a 1Ghz 200FSB Athlon B and (I hope) good quality PC133 or PC150 RAM?


    I'd recommend that you raise the FSB a little (you'll most likely not get over 100-112 FSB on this board) which should be easy. You may have to give the cpu another .05V through the bios or vcore jumpers.

    This leaves you with a 1.1G chip, or thereabouts.

    To get past that we'll need to do a few things. Hopefully your cpu temps are still good - if below 50C under load you have a little room, 50-55 still possible, higher than that not recommended (by me at any rate).

    You'll need to check your L1 bridges on the chip - they are probably cut at present, but may not be. You need to join each one to enable you to adjust the multiplier in the chip to suit you. There are articles everywhere about the best way to do this.

    Then if your temps are okay and your system still stable you can raise the multiplier - 11 at an FSB of 110 will give you a 1200mhz cpu or thereabouts - a 20% overclock. This is fully dependemt on the quality of your components (esp RAM) and a bit of good luck.

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