My skyrim crashes after i installed mod

I have installed many mods around 15 but when i installed the moonpath to elsweyr and apachiiskyhair the game crashed but when i deactivate both of them the game works fine the problem is with both of the mods cause i tested running the one by one by activating only one the them
please tell a way how can i get my game running with these mods
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  1. Sounds like either one is conflicting with another installed mod. The trick here would be to disable ALL mods except the two you want, see if the game works, then slowly add the other mods into the game until it refuses to load.

    That or simply don't use both at the same time...
  2. Help me i have a 1 mod that i think is crashing it when i fast travel to riften for my wedding and when i go a couple of yards
    away from riverwood and white run Please Help !
    MOD: Girls of skyrim and thats all
    :( :(
  3. Try checkign your mods order, installing an ordering program such as BOSS for skyrim would be helpful.

    try adding girls of skyrim after all weather enhancement & ligthing mods, and quest mods as well.

    If you want to get into modding ( I haven't mod Skyrim YET, myself but i modded oblivion like mad and my experience lies there )

    I had BOSS which helps you order your mods around

    I had a mod manager to do little tweaks enables and moving mods around. and more importantly show conflicts

    I also use python to do further detailed tweaks to allow certain parts of a mod through to prevent conflicts. Or package different mods together to run as one so it is less taxing on my machine. ( much higher fps)

    Perhaps you can find similar things for Skyrim, hope this helps.
  4. Thank you
  5. I dont get it when i start new game it works perfectly but when im loading my save it crashes i tried BOSS, LOOT, Wrye Bash nothing worked maybe someone knowns something
    P.S i deleted a lot of mods
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