DDR ram, what mobo to chose???

I have just read "Only the Best: 9 Athlon Motherboards With The AMD 760 Chipset"... now I would like to know what you guys think is the best board to overclock... I have looked at the Epox EP-8K7A+, but then there is also the Abit KG 7...

I want the board to have a RAID controller, that's the only demand I have, but it must also support DDR, and Athlon 1400Mhz...

What would it be possible to get the 1400 T-bird up on (with air cooling and what with water cooling, maybe with a good peltier)?

What brand of DDR-ram shall I those? I have looked at some "Crucial 256Mb PC2100 +300Mhz" are they any good?

Thank 4 all, you guy's


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  1. the gigabyte GA-7DXR looks sweet too! thats the one i just bought i should get it next week sometime...

    Have fun!
  2. yep, that also a fine mobo, but what about that Promise RAID controller, does it support RAID 0+1, or what???
    I'm going to look in to it now, but if I'm not repling this then please tell me it...


    please tell me what you get out of your mobo? are you thinking of overclocking?


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  3. "Supports UDMA ATA 100/66 IDE RAID 0, 1"

    There is a jumper for everything! jumper to adjust agp voltage, ram voltage, cpu voltage, jumper to adjust default fsb (i think it's 66/100/133 - once you have your defualt selected you can go in the bios and add 1mhz incrementals), jumper for multiplier settings. Jumpers and dip switches are better and more stable then it softcoded in the BIOS. There is also a 4 pin power connector for the agp-pro slot so you can add an additional 12 volts! You could virtualy run ANY video card to date! pretty sweet if your like me putting together a workstation and likes to upgrade all the time.

    overclocking super stable! it can reach 150mhz easy and some sites even got it up to 166mhz fsb! all 3 ddr slots work up to 2GB (3GB of your using registered RAM) and will work with virtually any kind of ddr u put in there. has dual bios, promise raid.. promise is known for it's high performance and stability. ... it comes with driver cd, good manual, 3 ide cables, usb header and of course the sweet lookin blue PCB motherboard with a gold heatsink. (i haven;t gottin it yet but i saw the package. Also has onboard sound for backup incase your sound card dies. lol now compare that to the KG7 .. your getting so much more with this board. it's 170 at www.axiontech.com i think... let me if it works...

    in my opinion.. but don't take my word for it research it yourself ya know ... there might be something in there that you just don't want .. like jumpers and dipswitches... to me thats not a big a deal i have my case open all the time anyway...

    Have fun!
  4. the only problem is that you can't use the thrid slot unless you have regerstried memory in the system

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  5. The KG-7 also requires registered memory if you use more than two slots.

    According to Crucial's web site 'registered' memory is slower than unbuffered. Most 'registered' DIMMs are also ECC which is another 2% slower than non-parity.

    I can’t decide if I should use the 'registered' memory now to allow for future expansion or go for the faster and cheaper regular DDR Ram. Suggestions?
  6. noo i've read reviews all 3 slots work!

    Have fun!
  7. get 256MB PC2400 cas 2 RAM .. cosair sells them ... and the gigabyte 7DXR can use ALL 3 slots up to 2GB ... i read the reviews about 4 of them and they all said the samething ...

    Have fun!
  8. xxsk8er101xx

    about the cosair 256MB PC2400 cas 2 RAM, is there a website, where I can get them? I live in denmark and there is on resellers here...

    And the thing about the hole "jumpers and dip switches" that doesn't bother me at all, in fact I don'y like the thing where you just set all the thinks in the bios...

    I'm must say that I'm almost convinced, that it must be that board that I must have...

    Another thing, when you set the FSB up to like about 150+Mhz, what happens to the frekvens of the PCI and AGP port?
    At what level (frekvens) is it save to have the PCI/AGP ports?

    The Gigabyte GA-7DXR it doesn't have a jumper/dip switch to alter the frekvens of the PCI/AGP port?

    One more thing, what cooler do you use?


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  9. I got mine at www.mwave.com... very good vendor... i'm sure they will ship to you but i'm not 100% sure so check into that.. and of course the cosair website.

    well you default the fsb to 133 right .. and then u just do 1mhz increments so your pci and agp bus speed should be fine. ... i hear you can do 1mhz increments up to ummm 180 or 280 .. 280 seems a little high ... i'm not sure ...

    "Gigabyte GA-7DXR it doesn't have a jumper/dip switch to alter the frekvens of the PCI/AGP port?"

    i don't know what a frekven is so i'll assume you mean voltage? you can adjust the agp voltage and you can even add 12 volts to the agp pro slot. as far as PCI ... i wouldn't worry about that too much .. i think 150mhz fsb is pretty good even 160. should hit that pretty easy ... just remember to do research of the board yourself too not just listen to other people. just do a search at google.com GA-7DXR, reviews ... and then go to every review site and see wha tthey say... i don't have the board yet i'm just going by what i've read and compared to the kg7 ... this board rocks and you get soo much more for your money. in my opinion...

    the cooler i chose was the thermaltek dragon orb3+! RPM 7000 +- 10% and supports 1.5ghz+ athlons and up to 2ghz of them tulatins!! ... the noise is about 36dB.. not bad i think.. global win sucks i think "i own one and i the thing is soo hard to get on i had to put on my old crappy heatsink and fan... one they are a pain to get on! i read that the orb is pretty easy to get on. btw it's about 30 bucks US.

    Have fun!
  10. go <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=15495#15495" target="_new">here</A>

    also go to amdmb.com and post int he forum for gigabyte motherbaord and they will tell you that you have to have registered memory in it

    this one of the major reaqson i didn't get this board

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  11. " The next thing that impresses is the outstanding expansion possibilities afforded the user. First off there are 3 DIMM slots, which is a rarity for AMD 760 based motherboards. AMD recommends using only 2 DIMMs with the AMD 760 chipset, and Gigabyte is the first to release a product that actually supports more than 2 (MSI tried to get four to work, but fell back to only 2 DIMMS, while Abit has just recently released their KG-7 which also supports 4 DIMM slots). The best part of those three DIMM slots is that they all work! This board was able to work without a problem with all three slots filled with varying types of DDR memory. A very impressive engineering feat by Gigabyte to get the seemingly cranky AMD 760 to work outside of its design limits."


    Have fun!
  12. anyway...
    *shrugs* who cares... why would u not get this board just because u can only use 2 dimms anyway? if ddr has a 2 dimm limit then there really isn't anything u can do. The fact is the 7DXR is one of the fastest along with the KG7. but the 7DXR has so many more features then the KG7 at the same price. The kg7 has the same problem.. u can only use 2 dimms even though there are 4. and how do you know that it's just a bios problem with 7DXR? Gigabyte might have it disabled until they can find a work around which they are still developing maybe ...

    to not get the board just because u can only use 2 drr sticks is stupid because every ddr board i've seen only has 2 slots. and why go for the slower bugy VIA chipset?

    Have fun!
  13. "and why go for the slower bugy VIA chipset?"
    kt266 Slower yes, but is the amount worth concerning yourself with imo no. Buggy none of the new reviews are supporting that(686b yes). More choices lower prices. you do the math.

  14. whateva floats your boat.

    Have fun!
  15. Like I said do the math on how much slower you are talking about. and find some facts the the kt266 with current board design is buggy.

  16. k...

    i still like my 7DXR mobo. has cool features such as 4pin power connected for the agp slot to add 12volts also can adjust agp voltage. I like that. got it cos of features and this board has everything and the performance it has helped my decision.

    Have fun!
  17. All I am sayin is for someone that is looking for a new board should not rule out the kt266 it had a rough start but after a board redesign the chipset looks to be a good setup.

  18. i'm sick of VIA ... i want something that'll work and won't have any compatibility problems with the sound blaster live! for example. given the board still uses the VIA southbridge chipset but it's one less bug i have to worry about now that i got a AMD 761 chipset. Plus you can't beat the features the board has along with it's cheap (170 US dollars) price tag compared to the kg7. It's all fun and doesn't really matter. I can't wait to get my new setup.. which won't be for awhile sadly. Monday i should have my mobo... doh

    Have fun!
  19. xxsk8er101xx...

    I am doing my own research, but it is alwayes nice to have the opinion of others :-)

    About the aircooler, I don't like thermal take any more, because the superorb I have now makes too much noice, and cools too little... but maybe that thing you are talking about will be good... let me know!


    I must agree with xxsk8er101xx that via sucks... I have one runing right now, stabel and nice, but I have experienced that there can be alot of problems with the 4 in 1 software...

    Do any of you know if the 7DXR (AMD761 chipset) uses eny sort of software like via 4 in 1???


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  20. All chipsets require drivers, Via is in the spotlight because of their size and marked share more users have their chipsets. but any third party chipset ie non intel and even intel at times has had driver isues ms force via and others to do all there own home work where they help int as much as possible. ol boys board cost 170 check out the features and price for the epox 8kha and then look at the performance diference and decide for yourself if 60+ is worth less than 5% performance.

  21. thesandman...

    I think it is... I kind of like the gigabyte GA-7DXR...


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  22. Very Well.

  23. u would need to install 3-in-1... but thats one less thing to worry about... and u usually don't install VIA's bus mastering either so thats 2-in-1 ... i think the south bridge deals with the IDE controller right? the north bridge deals with agp, ram and cpu right? i'm totally not sure.. hmmm ... what the hell does the south bridge do beside the IDE stuff? usb-audio... maybe you can use it with out the stupid 4-in-1 drivers?

    Have fun!
  24. You say that you only need to install 3 of the 4. Which is the one you don't need? Thanks...

  25. for the ga-7dxr which has the 760 chipset you don't install any via drivers.. you install the amd drivers! thats why the via 4 in 1 driver is not included but the amd drivers are!

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