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Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

So basically I need to unplug my external harddrive but when I choose the "safely remove button" I get this message "Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device" Windows can't stop your 'generic volume'.

Here is what I did so far and I still cant get it to work, need help!!

The help on microsoft told me to use "unlocker (v1.8) to locate the process and kill it. It found the process searchindexer.exe and I "unlocked it". When I safely removed again I got the same error message above. I found the process, disabled and stopped it, went back to unlocker which told me no locking handle was found. I then tried a third time and still, I get the same message above. What do you think I should do next? could it be a virus?
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  1. If you have windows explorer open to the device, or if another program is using it, you cannot safely eject it. Close windows explorer, and any other program that is using it, then choose safely eject.
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    Hello xco;

    It might be Windows Drive indexing that's using the external drive.

    You can try turning it off in it's Drive Properties. It will show down any searches you perform on that disk though.

    Or you can always disconnect it safely after you've shut down the system and all system processes have stopped.
  3. thanks for the replies

    that seems to have been the problem as every time I ended the searchindexer.exe task it would run itself again, much thanks!
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