Whats wrong?

I got lots of problems with many games (screen freezes,crashing,lowfps and more) altough i see people with the same gpu as my and lower specs or same run the game just fine for example bf3
GPU:ATI Radeon HD5670 1gb GDDR5
CPU:Intel E8400 core 2 duo 3ghz
4gb Ram
500W PS

Sometimes when i play Bf3 it works just fine even on High though usually i play on low and 1240x800 res but most of the time the game doesnt even work on 1024x720 and low settings doesnt stop screen freezes crashing my whole computer i have no idea why this is happening help anyone?
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  1. forgot to mention although like Skyrim runs perfectly on Ultra and avg Fps is 50
  2. frostbite engine doesnt like dual core cpu's it forces the gpu to 50% usage or less resulting in low fps and fps droop. where the fps drops to 5-10 every few seconds then bounces back to 40-45 only to fall again...
    this is more likley to happen on the multiplayer maps although single player may also show the same systems they wont be as noticeable as you dont have 64 other players running about at random.
    if your really set on playing bf3 then your gonna have no option but to move to a quad core. the q8300 or 84oo will be enough to get you started. also that gfx card is bearly minimum spec so even when you do get the cpu sorted your still gonna be hovering at an average of 30 fps with the odd trip down to 25...

    skyrim works because its not so cpu bound. although in big citys you will get fps droop especially at higher settings.
  3. +1 HEXiT, to coin a phrase from FMJ, from looking at BF3, it looks like the best parts of it ended up as a stain on mattress.

    EA screwed the pooch on this one, having never heard of hardware scalability if you computer is more than 1-2 years old then forget playing it.
  4. The duel core is a dieing breed just like the P4. At one time it was the best you could have then came core duo and wow talk about a CPU that was fast, but now the quad core and six core now the eight core.

    Most all of the new games of today are needing at least a quad core with min duel core to play and that is iffy iffy on the duel core CPU. Don't get me wrong a duel core is still a good CPU.

    But it is on its way out for the gaming. Still good to surf, video's, photoshop, etc. It's just the new games. Sooner we will have to upgrap GPU's because of the fucture games that are going to need more than one GB of Vram. Good luct to you OP.
  5. Yeah but whats weird i see lots of people playing on core 2 duo and it runs just fine
  6. Multiplayer ofcourse
  7. Try the latest
    12.6 beta AMD drivers, they may give you a slight performance boost.

    Have you tried overclocking your CPU/RAM?

    BF3 is very heavy on the GPU. So whilst you may see people play awesomely on core2's, they may have an awesome 7850/7870 or something.

    And for gods sake, DO NOT TRUST YOUTUBE. If someone posts something on youtube that seems too good to be true, it is. The lying shithead will be trying to boost his view count.
  8. i didnt try overcloacking my CPU and i wont unless il have a good Overclock that is stable and not to harsh on my cpu, its really hot now in my country so lately i have heating problems
  9. Ah ok, well, I am afraid your CPU will be holding you back at this rate. I would suggest overclocking it.
  10. How much exacly?, i just played 3 games in bf3 worked just fine about avg 43 fps sometimes dropped to 26 but usually above 35 i was playing on 1440x900 most high/medium settings AA didnt make a performance difference even if it was on x16 or off but i just putted it of... i think with time my performance gets worse, after afew games a screen freeze that started happening to me at the last 2 weeks the screen just freezes and i have to switch off my pc from the button..
  11. Right, that's better info!

    So are you saying after X time of playing BF3, the game slows down to a point where it's freezing?

    Does this happen with any other game?

    How long is X time?
  12. The performance does get worse but it just randomly freezes , i can be playing just fine with nice performance but usually not at best and yeah kind of fps drops and after like 1-2 sometimes 3 games thats about 15mins to 25 mins or 10 screen freezes "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" the sound (LOL) and needs to switch off and on manually ,btw the 12.6 catalyst did give me a performance boost
  13. Right! Now we're getting somewhere. Can you please open your case up, do you have much dust in there it sounds like you're overheating
  14. i cleaned up my case afew weeks ago i dont have many dust but i do think its overheating some how
  15. Can you please get hwmonitor and give me your temps?
  16. my cores are about at 80-90 C
    my GPU is 60-65C

    while in Bf3
  17. Theres your problem max temp for that CPU is 72C so when it overheats the CPU is throttling and causing crashes/poor performance . To fix it get a better CPU cooler, a good checp one for dual core CPUs is the cooler master hyper TX3 or TX3 Evo.
  18. So if my CPU stays at normal temp although its core 2 duo, battlefield 3 will still perform fine? cause it does but the performance drops with time probably cause the CPU is heating
  19. Yes the single player game will run fine (like it does now before performance drops) on your dual core but large multiplayer maps it will struggle a bit.
  20. That is correct! Man I was wrong, you need a better cooler my friend, may I please suggest a coolermaster 212 ego, it's cheaper (50 bucks), and will keep your cob cool!
  21. In fact that temp is soo off for that could you may be able to just lower the heating with some new thermal goo to instantly lower your temps!
  22. Can you show me what thermal is exacly? so i will know what to ask for , or il just get the cooler
  23. Best answer <- Arctic Silver 5 will get you back on your feet.

    However if there's something fundamentally wrong with your cooler, such as your fan is broken, then you'll need to replace it with:

    Bear in mind, that's quite tall and may not fit into all cases, but it's a superior solution to using the stock one by far, as it will keep your temps much cooler, and (even in a hot country) allow for overclocking, which will keep your framerates up into the future.
  24. ^+1
    To all of the above. Yes do the thermal paste before you buy a new cooler. The old paste could have come loose or if your case was knocked over or bumped. Or the paste was old or cheap.

    In any case do the paste first. There will be enough paste left if you need to add the new cooler and sometimes paste comes with the new cooler. Here is a link to what is called Game boost.

    You have to the end of this month to get it free. I use it all the time and it really helps with the games. You should get MSI Afterburner to watch your fps and GPU temps while you play games at the same time.

    There are a few more programs to monitor all of your temps. I can link you to all of them if you would like but if you are happy with what you have, it is just a sugestion for more tools. Good luck with that.

    16 days left for free.
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