How to run gta iv without lags

I’ve installed Gta iv on my Laptop but it’s still lagging I’ve tried many tweaks I‘ve 1.07.0 patch +razor1911 crack
My specs are:
Ram: 3 GB
Processor: Amd-50 1.00GHz dual core Processor
Graphics: Amd Readon Hd 6250 1gb

Help me
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  1. A. We don't help people using pirated copies of games.
    B. Your laptop does not meet the minimum requirements of the game. Naturally, it's going to run horribly.
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    Discussing pirated games is not tolerated in this forum.

    Your system is way below the recommended specs. I assume if you cannot afford to buy the game, you also cannot afford to buy a new computer.
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  4. Thanks for advice sir i will buy a new pc with intel i7 core 12.8 and gb nvidia graphics and a 32 gb ram thanks sir fo advice
  5. I,VE BHOUGHT A NEW GAMING PC ON JUST $8,834 It's name is Aventum Black-ops pc and it's speacial is it has Cryo-TEC: -0°C

    Users that demand the very best. This Cryo-TEC version takes the CPU below -0°C!

    Base Specs:
    Processor:Intel Core i7 3960X CPU
    Ram:16GB 1600MHz Memory
    Graphics:3x SLI GTX 680 2GB

    And i've MANY Games And With Out Lags

    Thanks For Advice
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