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Worms on Windows 7

Hey guys, im new to the forum,

I was just wondering if Worms appear in startup eg msconfig, Like usual viruses,

It has to have a place to run correct?,

So if i had a worm, it would have some form of .exe in msconfig?


Regards Reaper
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  1. No - worms and viruses hide themselves a little more cleverly than that.
  2. How so?, thanks for the reply
  3. It's a big subject. The really clever ones use all sorts of tricks, such as hiding themselves so that they can't be seen by normal file listing utilities. They hook into the OS and so can filter what the OS shows to the user.

    If viruses were visible from msconfig, or the Start Folder or something similar they would be trivial to get rid of.
  4. I see i see, technically tho, if i had a worm virus, I would be aware of its presence none the less
  5. More or less what im getting at is, A virus, starts up generally 99% of the time at startup,

    If i go into Safe mode scan, and it comes up with nothing try 3 forms of anti virus, Online scans and Offline,

    ALong with safemode scans,

    And i have no problems, It's unlikely that im infected,

    All im really getting at is i had a worm warning from a portable hardrive, the anti virus notified me and moved it into the vault,

    i then ran scans, and nothing showed up both now and safemode,

    Likelyness, Nill
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    If the anti-virus says that it has dealt with it, and you're having no problems, then I'd be inclined to believe it.
  7. Alright, To easy,

    Thankyou very much Ijack,

    Appreciate your help,
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