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i plan to buy a new ddr266 mobo, but i can't decide which one is suit for me, plz give me some suggestion within this 3 mobo's
1. Microstar (MSI) MS-6341
2. Asus A7M266
3. EPoX EP-8K7A+

ps: my system is built for game.

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  1. I would think the best way for you to make up your mind about any of these boards is to go read Tom's article reviewing 9 of the mobos with the AMD 760 (DDR-SDRAM enabled) chipset which includes all 3 of the ones you listed, I think. All 3 of them are good boards and very stable. It just depends on your personal preferences regarding features, price, etc. Any one of them would be great for gaming, IMHO.

  2. Either the Asus A7M266, the Epox 7DXR one, or the KG7-RAID. Those are the three best. Now, as for the best, the KG7-RAID hands down. 6 PCI, onboard RAID, 4 dimms, awesome BIOS, and additional DIP switches and voltage settings. Best of the best.
  3. In my opinion if you are planning on overclocking I would choose out of those three the Epox 8K7A+, or if you want a standard stable system the ASUS A7m266 is ideal although not good for overclocking.Ms-6341 I dont know much about, but best thing to do is check the reviews out <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/mainboard/01q3/010806/index.html" target="_new"> here </A>at Toms hardware. Features both the Epox and Asus boards along with some others.
    Good luck..

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  4. yeah, i already read the articles, but i still can't decide coz i want to buy a best buy mobo(low budget). And i saw the Microstar (MSI) MS-6341 used amd 761 chipset, it this board ok/stable/easy oc?

    :cool: now i know how to use markup in my post..
  5. Mmm, my favorite is none of these boards. I would rather go with the MSI K7T266 Pro (Raid) with KT266 Chipset. It has excellent stability, but may be not the best board for overclockers.
    It really depends what you are willing to spend. If you go for this board, I would recommend to get the RAID version...

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