Mass effect 3 wont use Direct X 11

Hi, i got mass effect 3 on launch and until now i have noticed that my friend gets a lot better looking image on his screen than i do mine, i have tried reinstalling mass effects 3 and DX11 but nothing works, i have everything maxed out and i dont not have a crapy computer, any help i have tried everything i could find on google and nothing fixes it. :fou:

Computer Specs:
CPU: i7 2600k
MOBO:Gigabyte z68xp-UD4
GRFX:Asus DCUII top GTX 560 ti overclocked
Boot:OCZ Agility 3 120gb
Storage: 2 1tb seagate barracuda's

Please help!!!

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    "Bioware uses Unreal version March 2010 in ME3 which doesn't support DX11.
    Unreal added DX11 support with UDK Beta march 2011.

    So... console ports all powerful.
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