Death adder with Vespula or Scarab?

Hi all,
I'm using Death Adder Black gaming mouse with Razer Goliathus mouse pad right now.
I tried the mouse with Razer Scarab mouse pad at my friends place and the mouse moved incredibly soft. I just loved the softness.
However I saw that the Razer Vespula mouse pad has a wrist cushion with the mat and I really like it.

My doubt here is, will the Death adder move on the Vespula as soft as scarab mouse pad?
Has any1 used the death adder on Scarab and vespula mouse pads?
Does the mouse move softly in Vespula mouse pad as well?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. I'd stick with your goliathus
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    here's a cool idea, why don't you call up razer and speak with THEM about THEIR product? :)
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