AHYJAR - new cpu - best place to buy?

Im looking for cpu with maximum overclocking potential..this means an ahyja r over a ahyja y. Whats the best place to buy an amd cpu with ahyja r stepping?
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  1. You can find some at http://www.theoverclockerzstore.com/ they may be out I dont know.

  2. thanks, but it looks like theyre out of the 1Ghz which will do me, cant wait for it to be back in stock, as I really want to buy ASAP....Any ideas? Im still lookin...
  3. i bought a 1.33 ayhja-y t-bird 3 days ago for $155 at pcnut.com.

    ...and i would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids...
  4. why is the ahyjar, a better overclocker?
  5. Because it is, shut up and deal with it :)

    It's the newest stepping for Tbirds. AMD is researching Overclocking Potential© technology, and the newer steppings have the newer technology.

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  6. The little elfs they use to make the processors go are getting faster, what I mean is, everytime they make a processor, they catch the elfs, 1 elf is 1 megahertz generally(tho some are lazy!) by now, all the slow elfs have been caught(because theyre slow) and put in the slower first gen athlon chips,now every chip amd churns out is chock full of the faster more gooder elfs!

    When you overclock a chip, you apply electricty to the elfs making them run around in pain, much faster(like the cat in the movie cats eye...the one about the cat) however, this can lead to their dying....poor elfs. The only worser way for the elfs to die is when amdmeltdork tries to apply the heatsink to their home(the core) poor little squished elfs!

    Amd's athlon 4 processors will have genetically enhanced elfs in it, which will be very gooder.

    (the above post was done totaly in jest, I do not use the term gooder, more better, etc in real life.)

    no elfs were harmed in the making of this post asides from the ones amdmeltdork cooked this morning.

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  7. good thing I'm studying electrical and computer engineering, else I couldn't follow the elf analogy :)
  8. So AHYJA is the newest stepping. I just bought a 1.2 AXIA. I heard there is a good chance I can get this baby up to 1.4. True or not? I also got a 900MHz AGGA. Whats the potential on this stepping?
  9. I followed the analogy perfectly, and I've never taken a single college class...

    Your AXIA should hit 1.5 without much difficulty (assuming the rest of your hardware is ok). I have an AVIA that will hit 1.4, and AXIA is better than AVIA.

    Don't know about the AGGA, don't know anything about Duron steppings.

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  10. AGGA, Duron? Uh oh... I'm pretty sure I was looking at my second Athlon when I read the AGGA. That'd really suck if some crappy online merchant duped me for a Duron! I better go check that processor when I get home.
  11. I could be wrong. It'll say Athlon or Duron at the top. If it's an Athlon, you may have been the first to find a new stepping.

    Also, check in Sandra and make sure it has the right specs. For instance, Durons have 64k of L2 cache, Athlons have 256k.

    I looked on Athlonoc (they have a database of steppings), and it's an older Tbird stepping. The 850 will go to 1050, according to them.

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  12. That AGGA was on a 900MHz Athlon... 9x100 I assume.
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