Lian-Li PC70

I was looking at the Lian-Li PC70 casing, beeside the price, something struck me: there seems to be no space for the bottom fan of a Enermax PSU!!! Did I see wrong?

I mean this is supposed to be a good tower for cooling, but it wouldn't even comply to AMD's airflow recomendation!!!

Anyone has one of these or has comment to add, please do so.
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  1. Its only a box remember. Good to see that yer can pick it out..

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  2. I was reading a review somewhere (god knows where) and they don't recomend enermax psu's for the lian li's for just that reason.
    check here under cases

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  3. Then again it doesn't require a LOT of talent to cut open a hole in a flat piece of metal ....

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  4. unlike spelling hole it seems...

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  5. just time and tools and can you be bothered...

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  6. i personally don't know about the pc-70 cuz i haven't had alot lof look see at the case but i know that there is a extremely simple way to put the enermax into a pc-60 case. i was reading before how the reveiwers said that they had problems installing an enermax with two fans. some resorted to unscrewing the the fan grill on the bottom of the psu. but this is what i did i installed the psu backwards.... as in instead of inserting the psu straight into the psu hole i just took the psu put it where the top 5.5" bay was, pushed the psu up to the top of the case and just pulled the psu towards the end of the case and whalla no unscrewing anything and simple. well hopefully i was able to explain it well enough if only i had to pictures to show ehehhe.
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