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Minecraft looking nice requirements

I am getting a new computer. I am planning to run minecraft with a 512x texture pack, glsl shaders, and reflective water.

My relevant (for minecraft) computer specs:
3rd gen ivy bridge quad core i7 2.3 GHZ
16GB DDr3 1600MHZ ram
Nvidea geforce gtx 670m (for the glsl shaders)
How many fps can I get running this and are there any other things to get to beautify my minecraft?
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  1. anyone?
    Am i in the wrong section?
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    u will be able to run minecraft more than happily with that laptop.
  3. the mods he is talking about are fairly heavy....
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  5. My friends laptop is an i3 at 3.3 GHz, 6 GB of 1333MHz DDR3, and the Intel HD Graphics 3000 from the processor, and he can do that, albiet without the 512x TP, so you should be fine. He gets like 60 FPS.
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