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Ok Ive heard from tons of people already oblivion works on windows 7 64bit and I have a few friends Ive seen run it on there so I'm sure its not the problem but I cant think of anything else except my graphics card being the reason why I cant play it. Here are my specs, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Amd Phenom llx4 965 clocked at 4300.3mhz
16gb ram DDR3
Amd Radeon HD6800 series
MB-890GXM-g65 Ms-7642

I do plan on changing my graphic card out but was wondering if any of those could be a problem with oblivion not working. I can get it to the main screen but when I load a save or start a brand new file it just keeps stopping then going, similar to 1fps. Then crashes to desktop. Also its the same with fallout as well, it just wont play. :/
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  1. What GPU do you have? I know you listed HD6800 series. Is it a integrated GPU or a actual card? I don't play the games but do they have anything to do with Steam? Is your CPU OC'd?

    If it is OC'd have you put it back to normal? Then tried the games? If you have an integrated GPU might be the cause of the problems. But if it is a card then no because the 6870 and the 6850 are good cards.

    Sorry for all the questions but it is my way of troubleshooting. Are you checking your temps for both the CPU and GPU and what are they under load? What is your PSU brand and wattage?

    If it is a Steam games then it could be the Verify Integrity of game cache. If it is your temps the GPU should not be over 80c and the CPU should not be over 60c tops. Get back to us with the answers.

    That way we can rule out most of the easy problems. I can link you to furmark stress testing and memory testing but after we rule out the above.
  2. Well its overclocked and I did a clean install from steam. I did it without overclocking as well and it doesn't seem to work. The card is a actual card, not integrated, AMD radeon HD 6800 series DDR5. Its also overclocked but ive done it normally as well and it made no difference. The power supply is 750watt, Sli/crossfire certified. It more then enough to run the pc. The fan is also not stocked, everything was hand picked and it runs everything I throw at it with ease. Skyrim max setting, BF3, all that. I can even run fraps without a problem but it just doesn't want to run oblivion :/ or fallout.
  3. The temps are with everything overclocked run at 40c with the games running. Ive done memory test on the ram, nothing is wrong with the system. Ive also done stress test before, Im sure its the graphics card but I dont have anyway to check that.

    Also what graphics card would you recommend, max price being 500$.
  4. Well all that is good news so we can rule out a lot of stuff. As for the Steam have done the Verify Integrity Of Game Cache? If you haven't I will post a note on how to do that.

    You will find that a lot of times downloading from Steam you will not get all the files and eveytime you crash to desktop you have to go there all the time. It is stupid and I don't understand why they won't fix the problem.

    It is good to know it only happens for the two games so it isn't your system or your cards so it has to be the games them selfs. I really hope this is your fix. Because it is redownload the games.

    But before you do that you have to use a uninstaller program to get all the files that is left by the control panel uninstall it's own program. But first try this and let us know what the out come is. Good luck.

    NOTE: When in Steam, left click on Games. Then left click on view Games Library. Right click on the Game. Then left click on properties. Then left click on local files. Then left click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Then do it a least three or four times and let it run it's thing.
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    On your Card I would get the GTX 680 or the GTX 670. They would be my first pic. But if you like AMD then I would get the 7950 or the 7970. The 7970 has had some issues because I mainly hang out on the GPU forum.

    On there we see a lot of problems with that card. But the 7950 seems to be ok. I have linked all the cards that I am talking about plus linked you too a bench marks for the cards side by side.

    That does not mean every card will act like those shown but it is in general to help see where the cards stand. I hope this helps a little and good luck on this one.

    GTX 680

    GTX 670

    HD 7970

    HD 7950

    680 vs 7970

    670 vs 7950

    670 vs 7970
  6. I did the Verify Integrity Of Game Cache and nothing changed :/ I used Revo to uninstall the game completely and re-downloaded it and it still doesn't work. On the windows compatibility website it says oblivion isnt supported for Win-764bit and I even tried to run it in compatibility mode and no dice.

    As for the card I trust benchmarks and the GTX 680 is what I'm going to get. I'm not a fan girl of anyone product, as long as its compatible with the rest that's good for me :D

    Thanks for helping me with this, stuff is confusing .-.
  7. Well it was worth the try and I am sorry it didn't work out because you have a nice rig and it probably is one of those fluke things. There are a couple of guy's on here that know exactly what to do.

    Or tell you you won't be able to do that at all at least you will know where it stands.. I had a problem with Age of Empires III and I could not get it to play on this rig at all no matter how or what I did just wouldn't do.

    My rig can handle up to ten HDD SATA drives and IDE's but I would have to change the MOBO to do all ten. I have an old Dell sitting around with Win XP. So I got the hard drive and put it into my rig.

    Down loaded the game onto the that hard drive and now I play it all the time on this rig without any problems. So just food for though and maybe it could work for you. The 680 is a very nice choice.

    One of these days if I hit the lotto, then I will buy one for sure. Good luck to you and I hope you get it all work out.
  8. Well if I win the lotto ill repay you with the build you want as thanks, for now ill go and order the graphic card and see if it helps any.

    Also That is a good idea thou, I actually do have a extra hard drive and a extra slot. I could just load it on there with Xp and see if it runs.

    thanks for all the help :D
  9. You are very welcome and good luck with everything. When you get the 680 man you will think you just hit the lotto. Thank you for your kind thought.
  10. no need for any upgrades. just run the installer with admin privs and maybe compatibility xp mode... i installed it on the older 5870 so theres no reason why it wont install on yours...
    also dont bother with a 680 the 670 is within 5% of it but costs 25% less. you will still get 60+ fps in every game you play but save quite a bit of money in the process.
    if you still cant get it to work install it. then rename the install folder . 1s done go to add remove programs and click remove. the games reg entries will be deleted but the renamed folder should remain with the game still in it. go to the renamed folder and run the config setup if there is 1 if not run the games exe and it should work but as with everything on win 7 run it as administrator.
    as its an older game it wont automatically run as administrator and this is most likely the issue your having...
  11. That's not the issue I was having, and the 680 to the 670 I only go by benchmarks anyway. Since Dm186 was nice enough to post them that's what I'm going off of.

    I ran oblivion in Comp. mode and admin. It did not work, the game starts up but shutters to 1fps then crashes. Since my graphic card wont update from catalyst 12.1 to 12.4 I cant tell if its a driver problem. But what I do know is that its the graphics card. I went ahead and used a older one last night and it ran oblivion fine, so ill just go ahead and get the 680.

    Also the folder name changes didn't work either, I went on a few forums before this looking for the simple solutions but no dice. That's when I figured it was a hardware problem.
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